Coming down off the high from a performance Friday July 24th that I dedicated to Sandra Bland and other black women who have been victims of police terror where i performed my song “Cant Leave The Night“, I joined Comrades, friends, family for the Say Her Name demonstration called by black men in defense of black womanhood.

The demo started and ended with black women and men united. That’s a fact that the mainstream white news outlets haven’t mentioned and won’t mention. Peace to the Philadelphia Tribune for their perspective and highlighting positives from the day and Sandra Blands case. Other media outlets seem to only highlight the escalation of the day. They used the confusion, nastiness and downright tomfoolery that went on later in the rally to sell and grow distribution of their publications. In this sensational articles Nothing was said about our sister Sandra Bland and our people’s fight against police terror.

The spirit in which the demonstration was called was in nothing but the best intentions. Yes it was called by black men with the help of black women. Some feel as though black men have no right to organize and stand up for black women. Who are the authorities that made this law? The idea of black men actually standing up to “Say Her Name” came from us hearing our black women comrades speak to the fact of black men not being present or as proactive when it comes to the murder of Black Women by law enforcement. This is a critique we share and hoped to break from. It’s funny that we are now seen as the actual enemy by some of these same black women.

The forces which were a minority (3-5 people) that hijacked the demonstration temporarily wished to put on a show for the white media by causing chaos, disunity, and splitting the crowd by taking the focus off of Sandra Bland, other black women, and the police state which murders and abuses black women and all oppressed people instead turning it Into a hackneyed “black men versus black women” debate and of course the media took the bait. The police present to spy on the rally were all smiles. The thought of security also comes to mind because of the nature of this work. At any giving time we all could have been attacked by police, beaten, and arrested, possibly even killed.

Making the black men who organized the demonstration with the help of black women the Villain and enemy was reactionary and counterrevolutionary. These same forces who say they are for black liberation acted more like agents of white supremacy and self-hatred.

Instead of attacking, confronting, and breaking down the racist and reactionary white male patriarchal system that have been oppressing black people for hundreds of years they took the platform to attack black men in general and community activists such as Tommy Joshua, Paul Frosty Jackson and others.

For those who know me and other black men involved,  its disappointing to see shots taken on social media  from reading articles without even reaching out to us first. Knowing that the white media will use the platform to cause confusion and disunity.

Such actions have very little to do with black liberation or revolutionary politics but objectively serves the interests of the pigs who want nothing else but for black activists to fight each other and beef. In fact Monday’s disruption is completely disrespect to the memory of Sandra and is very damaging to the efforts of all genuine black feminist, womanist and LGBTQ comrades who have been actively educating and organizing for black liberation. More than ever all black people must work out there contradictions and unite against the forces of white supremacy, capitalism and the racist-sexist police state.

I also noticed how white allies in attendance supported such actions while black women in pacific masses in general were turned off by them

At the end of the day over two dozen new contacts were made with people who are ready and willing to donate and sacrifice time to do work in our communities. The masses who see past the division-ism and opportunistic actions of a few.

Tuesday July 28th  a meeting was held called by sister Adwoa who was at the demonstration and seen the entire thing unfold.

In the meeting the things that happen was discussed but more importantly solutions and projects. Black women and black  men were both in attendance The outcome is a new movement called “Sandy Still Speaks” which goes to that no matter the reactionary and unprincipled  actions of a few backed by a powerful racist white media, a revolutionary objective can not be detailed nor obstructed. The group will be calling more demonstrations and also calling meetings for black women and men to have these very conversations about issues raised in black spaces.

6 Focus Areas of the Hip-Hop Party for the People (HHPP)

6 Focus Areas of the Hip-Hop Party for the People (HHPP)

“new leadership, new ideas, and a new approach for all of Philadelphia

The Hip-Hop Party for the People has 6 areas of focus which guides our work:

1. Fielding Candidates in Local, State, and National Elections
The Hip-Hop Party for the People (HHPP) is a vehicle to encourage and enable members of our community to run for elected office. The HHPP is dedicated to breaking the democratic and republican party domination of political power and participation. We will not only register new voters, but most importantly, the Hip-Hop Party for the People will educate the community on the power of its organized vote. The Hip-Hop Party for the People will use the elections and elected office as just one platform of many to educate and empower the masses of people. We will also provide endorsements of non-HHPP candidates when appropriate.
2. Community Control and Independent Community Institution Building
The Hip-Hop Party for the People believes the struggle for a new society begins with the struggle against the old. The Hip-Hop Party for the People believes in the practice of Community Control. The idea of Community Control is that anything that is needed by the people of the community for its well being should be owned collectively by the people of the community. If we work on a piece of land, we should be the ones to own it. If we work for a corporation we should own a piece of that too. If we send our children to a school we should be the ones that develop and approve its curriculum. If a business makes a large profit in our community, a portion of that should be re-invested to improve the community.
We believe in Independent Community Institution Building. All of these programs will be independent, and fully controlled and administrated by community members themselves. We will build Community Media Organs, Mass Organizations of different types, After-School Programs, Community controlled- Schools, Community Gardens, Recording Studios, Community Businesses, Health Clinics, Food and Child Care Co-opts etc. Such an experience not only meets the needs of our community, but also transforms the people’s hopes into a reality by showing us that another world possible.
3. Coalition-Building
Revolutionary change happens when many millions of people cooperate and work toward a common goal. The Hip Hop Party for the People will fight for the broadest possible unity of all people by building the “Coalition of the Heart“, which cuts across race, class, nationality, sexuality, religion, gender, ability, or ideological persuasion, to unite all human beings around a shared and fundamental self-interest.
Through short term and long term cooperation, mutual aid and solidarity, both within and across the different communities of America, we believe that together we can forge a United Front of all those who wish to see a better world.
4. Mass Mobilization and Education of the People
Millions of everyday people must be educated to their fundamental humanity and worth. People should be supported, aided, and encouraged in their struggles to improve their lives and those of their loved ones. The Hip Hop Party for the People will always base our work on the mood, desires, and wishes of the community. To educate and mobilize the people into a tremendous movement for social transformation, the Hip Hop Party for the People believes in the development of the People’s Power. We believe we can achieve this through Door to Door Community Organizing, the tactics of Non-Violent Direct Action, and challenging unjust laws. The Hip Hop Party for the People believes informed participation in the affairs of one’s own community is the highest form of citizenship.
5. Youth Leadership, Participation, and Empowerment
The Hip Hop Party for the People believe there’s no investment more important to make than the investment in the well-being and cultivation of our children and youth.
We strongly believe in Youth Leadership, Participation, and Empowerment on all levels. Family and community involvement is a PRIORITY for the development of the youth, who are the ambassadors of tomorrow’s world. Through the tools of mentoring, advocacy and innovative educational models, the Hip-Hop Party for the People will strengthen the educational, cultural, and emotional well-being of our young people, while bridging the growing generation gap that exist within our society.
The Hip-Hop Party for the People believe in the value, genius and creativity of young people, and will work to guide and protect their young lives.
6. Representing Hip-Hop to the Fullest
We declare that Hip Hop is the universal synthesis of human culture, which gives continuity to the most advanced forms of social expression. Hip Hop evolved within urban communities at the close of the 20th century, at a time of great change in American society. Hip Hop is now practiced and powered by generations of people all around the world, proving that this movement is “only what you make it”. WE, THE HIP-HOP PARTY FOR THE PEOPLE, BELIEVE THAT HIP-HOP MUST BE USED AS A TOOL TO SERVE, INSPIRE, HEAL, AND UPLIFT THE PEOPLE.
GET INVLOVED!!!!! VOTE HIP-HOP!!!! Contact us:
Twitter: @VoteHipHop
Instagram: HipHopParty
Facebook: HipHop Party for the People

White Allies

This term was mentioned to me by my Teacher. He used it in describing the types of roles that interested whites could be aiding in standing up against racist , oppressive , and capitalist detrimental structures of our country. This term , ally , has a lot to do with Black Movements focused on their own respective integration , sustaining , resisting , and building within each other , all the while battling the ails of a world that wants to keep us in cycles. 

If you are what is known as pro-Black and you don’t welcome the assistance of white , diverse , or initiative based rights , community development , or other grassroots organizations , that is perfectly acceptable. If you fit this bill , be careful , because the alienation of not recognizing those that dismiss their privilege , looking to fight alongside of you , and collaborating with others that are sick of elitist divisive agendas , may hinder your ideal strategies even for your own causation. 

Let’s play this scenario out on a hypothetical shall we? The pro-Black guy/girl who is not welcoming the diplomacy of the aforementioned , has built up effective food drives and banks for their people. The organization that is similarly battling the same enemies and irrational entities have members in their group who have logistical connections across cities , states , countries , and towns. This pro-Black individual will be limiting their right and way of enterprise by merely not approaching the diverse and fed up organizing body by cancelling them out altogether. 

The rally , call to address , and media dialogues which have gone underway indicate we are on our way as a class and people in this country. More battles to be fought. More enemies to snuff out. There are a lot more deliberations to be had. We can have this in the bag. We just have to realize who will be for us , by us , and with us in every instant at our classes collaborating with one another to cripple this very devious evil. 

In this writing , I am here to provide references that have occurred in our industries and cultures on how white allies are being effective at fighting the divides in their own sense. It caught me by way of the national attention that was given to a racist reader known as Kimberly Martin. She openly wrote to a syndicated news outlet on her opinion of Cam Newton and spewed epithets blatantly to express her viewpoint. This story was picked up in many national avenues. We now know from an individual case basis who this person is and there are many methods an aligned people can take towards those who stick their feet in their mouth like so. 

I am at the forefront of advocating for registries. I am at the birth of the concept in contributing databases of all these hostile human beings who want to circumvent their anger towards their racist views. We establish these lists and know it is not significant to patronize their media outlets , businesses , politicians, social connections, or their extended networks. They have put the target on their back , and in tracking their information trails , we can further extinguish others whom share these very backward non progressive ways of thinking. 

White allies I believe even exist in the very legal system designated to financially cripple , exploit families , and divide our people on mass levels. I cannot recall a time in my life of reading and watching news seeing more corrupt politicians , officers , and officials being tried for their crimes , offenses , and abuse. When you take that into notation you are seeing a justice system which is organically creating it’s very own line in the sand towards the tolerance it won’t accept for these abusers of their many powers. 

Threads are filled between communities , social media mediums , blog sites , and local chats with white allies addressing the brutalities of the police. People with these stubborn ways of disconnect will have no place to air their distaste but under the same negative common notions of those who share their bitter resentments. 

Collective , effective , and directly rooted economics were put into full throttle over the Box Office release of the Prince of Egypt. This was a film that inaccurately displayed the very integral parts of noted Egyptian history. The film did very poorly nationally. This was a demonstration of the American people everywhere , through their dollars who came to terms with not looking to support a consumer product that was going to falsely represent something of high importance. 

There are going to be many more conflicts on the fronts of America’s propaganda monster machine. I am anticipating how this body of awakened , dedicated , knowing , informed , and connected classes will ascend at combating further manipulations , separation tactics , and aspire to snuff all of the smoke out of the air thrown down at us all. 



“Call To Action” from the North Philly Peace Park Director of Community Outreach Pili X

We (North Philly Peace Park) take extreme pride in being part of the growing agricultural community that’s sparking a do it yourself green revolution in cities around the U.S

Their are some who wish to discredit, take away, and down play the tremendous work done over the past 3 ½-4 yrs. Our work in North Philadelphia included Bringing in a energetic and unprecedented Urban Farming program, vibrant Schoolhouse using dynamic EarthShip technology, Indefatigable community/institution building via 3 different Festivals that will now run annually. All this in one of the poorest and crime plagued Areas in the city of Philadelphia was no easy task. This work has captured the hearts and minds of the masses and also tons of mass media outlets and publications.
It was made possible from our mighty and courageous staff, ready and willing volunteers, the brilliant children and youth,determined Sharswood community members, and solidarity from all of our supporters.

We may have changed locations but don’t believe the hype about us being destroyed. We are still on the land. In fact our view is that anywhere and everywhere that there is a vacant lot or open land there is a peace park waiting to be built. 

We ask of those who share our interest for a better community, city, state, nation, and world. To join us on the land. Those who want organic fresh food for all people, those who want a better educational system and curriculum, those who want community safe spaces to gather. To join us on the land.

Thorough our wholehearted actions in the North Philadelphia neighborhood of Sharswood we’ve been able to usher in a popular direct action based movement focusing on Land Rights, local democracy, food security, and community controlled schools. This work is far from finished and in a way just getting started.  

This is a call to action. We challenge all of our friends, family, colleagues, and associates to join us. on the land starting with the

Sharswood Neighborhood Assembly

Saturday February 13th, 2016 


Free Library of Philadelphia-Cecil B Moore Branch 

2320 Cecil B. Moore Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19121 

Sponsored by the North Philly Peace Park 

and the The Hip Hop Party for the People

Jim Kenney and the Battle of Philadelphia

Well , if it appears to you that as if Jim Kenney is saying all the right things since he has been sworn in as mayor , it appears as if it is all music to your ears. If I am not mistaken , I believe that mayor Nutter appeared to get a couple fan favorite moves under his belt too. ( well , this is before he became the political disconnected robotic functioning conservative that favored big mass corporate business over the needs of his needy citizens.) What are these words of Jim Kenney’s I am referring to you might ask?

He stated his opposition at Temple’s proposed stadium at the Progress Plaza right at Oxford Street. This was already a hypothetical accident waiting to happen. As if North Broad Street isn’t a heavy enough traffic artery as is , the city was one evil doer away from giving Temple University the green light to demolish many focal points of social services to build a 40,000 seat athletic stadium. There were even writers across Philadelphia’s major news circulation networks that statistically referenced stadiums built across the country that are essentially running their athletic programs and losing money. Not only from a social , tension filled , economically inconvenient , and class motivated view point was this proposal afoul , but even those with no direct connection to Temple who would benefit off of such an acquisition had felt that this was not the route to go.

Jim Kenney appeared to be in People’s Champion form once more the New Years week of 2016. He is on the record stating that an event such as the Mummer’s which is subjecting transgender , gay , lesbian , and bisexual individuals to artistic , discriminate , and cultural scrutiny is not something that the city of Philadelphia should stand by to tolerate. This is on the heels of social media backlashes from the Mummer’s faithful who took to the Black Lives Mattering protesters disrupting their procession as distasteful. The only thing distasteful , in the Mummer’s saga is that it’s able to operate under the cloud of suggestive racism and open bigotry ; and is a course of history within a very troubled city which dangles along the lines of ethnic universal understanding between communities. Jim Kenney’s remarks undermine from a tolerance aspect the headlines of Philadelphia papers , who attempted to write the Mummer’s in inaccurate credit proclaiming what they have done for Blacks and Latinos this year in their activities.

Talking a good game is one thing. Now I am going to address several battles that Jim Kenney is going to have to fight head on to ensure that he is everything he says he is over a four year period. The very first thing Jim Kenney is going to have to dive into is the Philadelphia School District fiasco. The city of Philadelphia , over the course of many years , has lazily addressed the nature of how serious this problem is with our city. The cop out , as I like to see it as , has the city relinquish it’s powers to the authorities of the state to handle the transactions , administration , contingency plans , and business going forward with the Philadelphia School District. The state and it’s hierarchy of associates is severely disconnected to the issues the students of this very district face. Not only that , it appears as if in the state’s eyes , the doing the job part only boils down to delivering bad news in the form of school closings , building auctions , and decrying how much money they don’t have in their budget. If the newly elected mayor wants to demonstrate that this is a part of his job , he will thoroughly get Philadelphia city council , whoever is on the ground that represents the city via the school district , he will pull for public support , and openly acknowledge the state’s logistical handling of the Public School sector as unacceptable.

Serving sound justice for Brandon-Tate-Brown will show the mayor does not aspire to have decorated officers of status protected for their very wrong doings. He will stand up to the judicial constituents appointed in this case and enact equal , tried , diverse , and fair legal proceedings in the heinous murder by the Philadelphia Police of this young man. If the mayor is able to do these things through this case alone , it will open up the door for the Philadelphia Police to know that they cannot get away through the leagues of the law with brutality , exploitation , murder or cover-ups of investigations.

There needs to be acute thoughts which are panned out in dealing with the city’s most vulnerable community infrastructures. There is entirely too much talk about deciding what national headlining acts to bring into this city , way too much thought put into touristic endeavors , and a saturated amount of holiday emphasis which leaves the majority unaccepted , not incorporated , or merely serves as a ploy to get blind participants and solicited dollars into an agenda. Crime prevention in the form of communally enriching children through their education , recreational aspects , and participatory art programs are a start in the right direction , I guess , ideally anyways in how the city can facilitate dealing with showing that it is investing in it’s residents. There are a plethora of other concerns that vary from neighborhood to neighborhood over , but if politics between our people is to become a cooperative nuance , people will start to realize the power that they have in their hands as they see a system work for them in their favor.

I want to close this out in saying that I do not SUPPORT Mayor Jim Kenney as of yet. This writing serves as a chronological reference to things that the mayor has gone on the record to say about very critical subjects in our city. My writing about his battles is something I feel should be addressed by all who have government based jobs in this city collectively.

The Black Mummers Experience

I wish I could laugh with you.

But I am not welcome to

Your celebration doesn’t include me.

Even after

If I could choose to accept it

I will not be granted all of your merits

The designation of a select few

It was then shoved down my throat

To look glamorous on the vestibule

The cops had you protected

But they were looking at my people like

We’re wrong for travelling to our destinations

I am not granted to share your joy or elevation

Your time

Using the residential space is a rarity

You only come out when you can take it all over

Then fading back to black

The cities path turns normal

And you can act as if you

Associate with no one.

Dope Citizen Art Collective Christmas

What if you could present a narrative that was entirely in literary form about your experience? Seeing as it is that the Dope Citizen Art Collective at Bourbon and Branch was a collection of Party , Dance , Live Dj’ing , Song Writing , Hip Hop , and Mass Appeal , I decided not to more so correspond about this event. I wanted to think of the theme at utilizing the expression about my time here in a creative mode. And these are the events that happened as follows …..

People socialized over the green room settings. Deliberating on matters like the Black Lives Matter Movement. And it was awesome to hear that this kind of conversation and the thoughts that projected were all a part of our thought process. Even going into a night that people were put here to entertain the crowd and have one and all experience a good time. I touched on an article that I wanted to write with my comrades. The other gentleman had told me that during the rallies of the Black Lives Matter activities that he was a part of , it had a lot to do with older , white , asian , and other ethnicities that were really at the forefront of the rallying organization. This was a new factual find for me. Most of the structure that I was dealing with was predominantly Black. I admired that I was able to take something valuable away from this man , even as we got into these topics right from the gate.

Politics and the systematic matrix , the ongoing lines of sports…. A couple of other discussions that we trailed into. The realest acknowledgement that we had was in knowing how some people would die to keep everything the same in this world. Exactly how it is. No stone turned. That is very scary to factor in , when you think about the work that the people of the world must collectively do in restoring the balance that is whole. On the other end of the coin , is a cold hearted mirror of the truth. Elaborating on statistical , analytic , perspectives of history documented , talking about everything in the culture essential. It served to bring great comfort in our exchanges that I was talking to a group of people that maximizes utmost value , time , energy , and effort throughout every course of their life. And in finding that out , I grew many levels of respect for them there over.

I enjoy when record talk is brought up. It shows a huge level of personal , technical , and fundamental awareness to the technology and the novelty of where the music has been taken from. While much of this had carried on , there was the praise of what Pusha T had done with his latest effort. So , I thought that this is actually a valuable thing to know. I did not listen to his album yet. I usually entrust in personal endorsements to deal with the mainstream music.

Uptown Ezy wore several different hats in this occasion. He spent a lot of his time volunteering seeing if everything was in tip top shape with his sound. He went over the show structure with all the participant artists. One of the marquee moments that he dabbled in was specifically catering out the emceeing and hosting duties to grab the ladies attention , ear , and momentum. While this was underway , you could catch the girls getting their live moments in their apps , posts , updates and taking gorgeous flicks with each other. Drinking , the scrumptious appeal of the food , and just the participation vibe was reaching magnificent highs.

To tune into other perspectives about this night , I , Iron-M.I.C. (eMcee In Control) will be presenting an audio delivery of the entire Dope Citizen Art Collective Show Case with Uptown Ezy. Thank you for your read thus far.

The 2016 Election The Three Way Race to Nowhere

Welcome to the American voting system. It’s the year 2015. You have your Republicans , Democrats , and Independent party oriented candidates. Of course if you believe in a different type of philosophy , well , to even get nominated on a ballot , you have to pass some financial benchmarks , gain some political clout , and show that you can ace the quizzes of the huge congressional machine with flying colors.

Let’s get into our democratic candidates shall we? Hilary Clinton has been more notorious in the election coming up for her controversies surrounding her emails and the administrative handling of them , as opposed to being seen in any actual influencing light that runs precedent into this race.  There are a few bones to pick with Hilary’s diplomatic policies , practices , and her political relationships outside the US that draws much skepticism surrounding her legitimacy.

Bernie Sanders , who had to give up his actual Independent foundations of office , to be compromised as a Democratic candidate has folks realistically view the system too evil for him to over throw. Even with a young , hip , modern , and very savvy social media campaign. Bernie is ideal in terms of addressing America’s issues on the surface , and maybe for people that want to push for a system that is soundly right , by way of Washington D.C.’s actual politic balance can use Bernie as a father figure in electing and enacting figures that will speak truth into what issues this country faces.

The Republicans? Boy oh boy. What comes to mind? Xenophobia? Racism? Affecting seats of powerful stature that are aligned by people’s pockets , collateral favors , and media control , that appears to be the Republican way so far for the election. Taking over the network exposure times , coverage , correspondence , and providing illogical speeches , conferences and rallies at some kind of method in bringing America back to some unspoken renaissance.

Donald Trump appears to be in Godzilla effect. Taking to talking on the fears of those who do not understand the situation with ISIS , the crisis that is the military over throwing of the Middle East , America’s sudden infatuation with placating Syria as it’s international opponent. In terms of who actually buys into much of this opinionated drivel remains to be seen. At least from what can be gauged in the public.

Ben Carson , ideally conservative , has risen the ranks of authority some how. Unlike Trump who exercises his sorry not sorry card in much of his speeches , Ben Carson allowed himself to insert his foot into his mouth by taking his discriminate remarks about Muslims back. It be would fitting to know from some kind of endorsed standpoint , what kind of Black communities , associations , progressive actions , and people stand forth to have this very delusional fellow obtain a seat through the White House?

There’s no reason to believe that any candidate that is running at this point has done any more or less to usurp the others momentum in changing lives , voters , national beliefs , or promise. Watching the 2016 election coverage is similar to not knowing that there are nothing but gag prizes behind each of the game show networks doors. There are the few , the elite , and those passionate citizens that are riled by particular presidential nominees , who describe with enthusiasm who they vote for or against. That type of attitude is felt almost at every level in organizational politics however. There is a view that should be based on , well , how can I vote if I don’t believe the playing field is qualified enough to do it’s jobs? What about , these men and women that have been interwoven into our daily lives may not be good enough to carry out what is required at leading a country equally for all classes?

The primary responsibility that you can have as a Black , Brown , Poor , or Oppressed national of this nation is to assert your might into the political realm , as it pertains to your organization , educational development , youth empowerment , capitalist resistance , or economic planning. This stands to hold true for any level of election. Whether you are for or against the candidates , we must not sway too far to depend upon federal bureaucracy to lead us all where we belong. This serves as a reminder of watching a fight between people which is not entertaining , but one that you know has to have some kind of outcome. It’s a very peculiar rat race to the finish , in dealing with all developing with the USA’s 2016 election.

Reaction To Washington Post Article on Justice Or Else

As I was supporting my good Brothers and Sisters today on Twitter through the hash tag #justiceorelse and #justiceorelsephilly , I found that Twitter had implanted this article into the Twitter feed. As I read it over, I decided to personally establish a dialogue with the very man who wrote this piece. My reaction and discussion coincides with every paragraph, and reference of this article. I said the following…..

In response to your passively addressed article from the Washington Post on October 8th, what are you doing to address racism and inequality on any level?

Please let me know when bipartisan prison reform leads to those ex-offenders getting jobs in the capitalist work sectors of the world. Then and only then will I believe in the progression that you are attesting to.

Taking the confederate flag down is a very awesome notion. Just make sure if you’re going to use that as a point of emphasis that it eradicates the racism already in the place, hearts, and minds, of white and institutionalized thinking people.

Interesting how you speak of bigotry and hate about the Honorable Minister. I would like to see what your words entail on questionable police handling, economic gentrification, and addressing to combat racism in the white community at large.

Why would you believe in any stretch of the imagination that the very person commencing the march of 1995 would reject it’s own core principles?

What sort of involvement if any do you have in seeing the proactive, empowering, educational, and motivational aspects of what Louis Farrakhan does for Black and Brown people every where?

When you’re discussing Farrakhan at these events, were you in attendance of any of these events that you have your sources from? Who gave you your sources? Can you even go back to the speeches of these very promotional events and attest that these words are being used in the context that you have reported them under?

You speak so fluidly of what the first amendment is supposed to represent, make sure that you are counteracting all of the other bigotries out in this country with the same exact energy that you are putting into this article.

Who are you to say, or even point the notion at what other “Black” people take into receiving one’s message? Have you spoken with anyone from the March of 1995 to even confirm this or attach any kind of credit to it? The fact that you would take it upon yourself to go out of your way in speaking for a multitude of organizing Brothers and Sisters makes that declaration extremely inaccurate.

What if I told you that if you were actually in the trenches of organizing, being involved or volunteering in the Justice or Else Campaign, you would’ve seen the opportunities that were present in all the Black communities that it took parts in?

You speak of people taking a stance against principles you have gone on the record to object. But like many “keyboard warriors” as they have been known to be called, I seriously doubt you, closed minded pencil pushers, and people that have no direct impact on the Black community, are going to stand against history of this magnitude. I will however count on more off base articles possibly from you, and your other antagonistic counter parts though. #justiceorelse Don’t attempt to taint history.


Jonathan A. Greenblatt is national director of the Anti-Defamation League.

From Charleston to Baltimore and Ferguson, it’s undeniable that our country continues to wrestle with racism and inequality. But recently there have been some notable and hopeful developments — including bipartisan prison reform and the removal of the Confederate battle flag from the grounds of the South Carolina statehouse.

This weekend in Washington, a major demonstration will take place that is billed as a call for justice yet is being organized and led by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who has a long history of bigotry against whites, Jews and the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.
The stated goals of Saturday’s commemoration of the 1995 “Million Man March” — including advocating for educational equity, ending police violence against people of color and addressing poverty and racism — are admirable and critically important. Tens of thousands of black men attending that first Million Man March two decades ago pledged to renounce violence except in self-defense and to “strive to love my brother, as I love myself.”
Yet Farrakhan has repeatedly rejected this central pledge of brotherly love. Instead, he frequently has promoted hatred — and not just years ago, but in the weeks leading up to this march.
At a promotional event in Milwaukee in August, Farrakhan said, “White people deserve to die, and they know, so they think it’s us coming to do it.”
In July in Miami, he told a crowd, “If the federal government will not intercede in our affairs, then we must rise up and kill those who kill us, stalk them and let them feel the pain of death that we are feeling.”
Over the summer in Detroit, Farrakhan called for the crowd to join him in Washington and said that tolerance of homosexuality in the United States was evidence of a “sick society.”
And at that same event, he said, “[Vice President] Biden said that Hollywood members of the Jewish community single-handedly made same-sex marriage legal. . . . You’re God’s chosen people? And you promote something that God rejects? You’ve lost your covenant status! You are not the chosen of God, you are the chosen of Satan! . . . You’re promoting homosexuality. God doesn’t. You promote filth. God condemns it!”

HHPP Justice or Else! Statement. Special Message to the Black Community

HHPP Justice or Else! Statement Special Message to the Black Community 


The Hip-Hop Party for the People (HHPP) supports the call of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, the Nation Of Islam, and the Millions of Black and oppressed people across the United States and around the world demanding Justice or Else!. 
We encourage all Black organizations, activists, artists, and people of all walks of life to make your way to DC on 10-10-15 for Justice Or Else! a gathering marking the 20th anniversary of the historic Million Man March. 

Many of us were too young to attend the Million Man March in 1995 and even when the Millions More Movement came in 2005 in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, many of us who attended didn’t fully grasp the full significance of the movement.

20 years after the Million Man March and 10 years after the Millions More Movement, with racist police occupation, gentrification, massive

unemployment, mass incarceration, and white fascist mob attacks increasing we now find the current state of America and the Black Nation worst than ever. 
We are now at a time where once again the African-American people must unite and put its collective national interest and identity in the forefront of our agenda. The differences we have as a people are real but they dwarf in the face of the multi-pronged attack we face from our oppressor. African Americans must now look to build the broadest path to a National united front. A united front where our differences are put aside to focus on over-arching common goals and interests. 

Because of ideological and political weakness and the legacy of COINTELPRO we often find ourselves debating, splitting, and fighting each other over everything under the sun. But now we must commit ourselves to the struggle for unity in our revolutionary democratic national struggle which will become ever so more central in the American political arena in the foreseeable future.

The call for Justice Or Else! is both appropriate and timely and has been widely and greatly welcomed amongst the HipHop community. We know that HipHop culture is loved and followed all over the world. Our HipHop artists are a most influential force in the world and we salute the efforts by Minister Farrakhan to reach out to this important group. 

To have some of HipHop’s most impactful and popular artists like Rick Ross, Young Thug, Migos, The Game, and others in support and having a major corporate television network like Black Entertainment Television (BET) push their annual music awards show back a few days so that it won’t effect the Justice Or Else! March, shows just how important this gathering will be. 

Marches, Rallies and protests alone, however large and militant, will not bring the desired ultimate change. The Hip-Hop Party for the People believes that true change will come mainly as a result of the day to day struggle of oppressed people to control the institutions within their own communities. However, marches, rallies and protests are a necessary and legitimate tactic to raise awareness and to serve as opportunities to network and organize. Justice or Else! provides such an excellent opportunity. We salute the countless grassroots organizers around the country for their hard work in making this gathering possible. 

See you all in D.C! 
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North Philly Peace Park Conscious BBQ 2015

Our open mass revolutionary experiment with community controlled Permaculture, radical education and fence free urban farming was momentarily disrupted this season, but we’re gearing up for a tremendous 2016. We need all hands on deck as we stand with our fellow citizens and challenge the powerful vested interests to transform the face of Philadelphia’s neighborhoods. Come help us to REBUILD FARMLIFE.

Gender & Nationalism in #BlackLivesMatter

By DARASIA ALAADE originally posted on

On Monday, July 27 there was a demonstration in my hometown Philly in honor of Sandra Bland and other Black women who have died at the hands of police. This #SayHerName demonstration was organized by “Black Men in Defense of Black Womanhood.”
I had every intention of getting to the protest a little after 4, which was the start time. However, after missing a day of work to attend the Movement for Black Lives National Convening in Cleveland, the catching-up I needed to do had me leaving work a half hour before the rally ended. I darted out the door, texting folks to let them know I was coming.
“Can you talk?” This was the response I got from one of the sistas I knew was at the demonstration.
I called her. “Yeah…there is a situation down here. How far are you?”
At this point I was about 10 minutes away, but traffic was good so I made it in 5.
When I got to the Clothespin, it was clear that something had gone awry. This article describes what happened at the demonstration so there is no need for me to give a full rundown but, basically, there were Black women at the demonstration who shared publicly that they didn’t appreciate that brothas were taking over Black women’s space, that they shouldn’t be speaking at a #SayHerName demonstration, that Black women did not need Black men to defend them, to think otherwise was rooted in sexism and patriarchy, and some of the Black men present were guilty of sexism.
This situation occured before I got there and the women who made these proclamations had already left the scene. However, the energy was still very tense, with many people feeling unsure of how to proceed. “This was an argument, a schism, between the nationalists and the feminists,” one of the female activists present stated. Eventually, we were all able to circle-up, air some grievances, and then hug each other in solidarity and unity. So it all ended on a positive, though somewhat shaky, note.
There were a few things that really bothered me about what happened and reading the article I posted brought it all back to me. As a Black nationalist who is also a a feminist, I find myself often explaining what revolutionary nationalism is and what feminism is to people against a background of false knowledge, stereotypes, and genuinely negative experiences with both nationalism and feminism. And the situation that occurred two days ago, at a demonstration meant to honor Black women, was one of the worst examples of “feminist” thought and practice; in fact, I don’t even want to call it feminism.
For one, Black men and women are in this together. This understanding should always been our Ground Zero, our starting place, the core from which we live and breathe and organize. Black women and Black men should condemn sexism but we have to learn to do this from a space of love and unified struggle. This does not mean that we should allow ourselves to be abused or to suffer but each of us has a ton of work we need to do in the transformation of our consciousness, and understanding this should help open ourselves to be patient and understanding with our comrades. We all have to grow in this together.
Secondly, I have heard Black women complain that when Black men are killed by police or vigilantes, both Black women and men organize around their cases but when Black women are killed by police or vigilantes, only Black women (and sometimes fewer Black women) organize around their cases. So when we have Black men who are intentional about remembering Black women who were killed, why would we close them down and shut them out? The article quotes one woman as saying,”We have been in the forefront of protecting not just Black women, but also Black men. We were on the forefront when Trayvon Martin was killed, when Michael Brown was killed, when Tamir Rice was killed. So, now we’re asking for our brothers, our Black men, to do the same thing in return…” Isn’t that what happened? In this case, didn’t Black men do just that, jump up to protect Black women as we have done for Black men countless times?
Third, some of what was said suggests that fighting for Black women and honoring Black women should be work that is exclusive to women. The organizer interviewed for the article said, “I’m extremely troubled by the fact that we say we are having a #SayHerName demonstration and brothers are speaking…It’s men taking over spaces that are reserved for women.” This is downright craziness. Yes, some spaces should be intentionally led by sistas. But this rally was not meant to be female-only space, or that would have been stated. Not only that, one of my homegirls hosted the demonstration and said she was practically pleading for Black women to come and speak. So when the brother started speaking it was only after space was made for women to speak.
Finally, nationalism is not inherently sexist or patriarchal. Sure, you have men who claim to be nationalists who think that Black women’s role in movement is to be barefoot and pregnant. But revolutionary Black nationalism states that Black people in the US are one nation, that we need land (Malcolm X said the land is the basis of all independence), and that our struggle for self-determination is linked to the global struggle for African liberation. Black nationalism doesn’t mean Black male-centric. Queen Mother Moore is one of the founders of the Republic of New Afrika, which is based in Black nationalism.
We have to do better. We have to treat each other better. We have to learn when, where, and how to address issues in a way that will bring clarity instead of alienation. As the Combahee River Collective Statement says, “We struggle together with Black men against racism, while we also struggle with Black men about sexism.” Black feminists are with Black men, not against them.