North Philly Peace Park

The North Philly Peace Park is an independent volunteer run ecology campus located on the 2400 block of Bolton St near 24th and Oxford in North Philadelphia founded on February 19th 2012 by community youth and residents of area neighborhoods.

Since that day, community residents and volunteers have maintained a community farm where organic fruits and vegetables are grown and distributed free of… charged to the people of the community; offers much needed after school and summer educational and mentoring programs for neighborhood youth; developed a Meadow and Birdlife refuge and build a Earth Ship style School House.

The North Philly Peace Park consists of three integral components:
1.Community Farm, Meadow and Birdlife Refuge
2.Sala Nkrumah Community Schoolhouse and Ecology Center
3.Imagination Play-field

every year the NPPP hosts the Family and Community Day in the Spring and Philadelphia Urban County Fair in the late Summer. The NPPP is maintained by a dedicated collective of local residents and volunteers with the generous support from the community.
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