Coming down off the high from a performance Friday July 24th that I dedicated to Sandra Bland and other black women who have been victims of police terror where i performed my song “Cant Leave The Night“, I joined Comrades, friends, family for the Say Her Name demonstration called by black men in defense of black womanhood.

The demo started and ended with black women and men united. That’s a fact that the mainstream white news outlets haven’t mentioned and won’t mention. Peace to the Philadelphia Tribune for their perspective and highlighting positives from the day and Sandra Blands case. Other media outlets seem to only highlight the escalation of the day. They used the confusion, nastiness and downright tomfoolery that went on later in the rally to sell and grow distribution of their publications. In this sensational articles Nothing was said about our sister Sandra Bland and our people’s fight against police terror.

The spirit in which the demonstration was called was in nothing but the best intentions. Yes it was called by black men with the help of black women. Some feel as though black men have no right to organize and stand up for black women. Who are the authorities that made this law? The idea of black men actually standing up to “Say Her Name” came from us hearing our black women comrades speak to the fact of black men not being present or as proactive when it comes to the murder of Black Women by law enforcement. This is a critique we share and hoped to break from. It’s funny that we are now seen as the actual enemy by some of these same black women.

The forces which were a minority (3-5 people) that hijacked the demonstration temporarily wished to put on a show for the white media by causing chaos, disunity, and splitting the crowd by taking the focus off of Sandra Bland, other black women, and the police state which murders and abuses black women and all oppressed people instead turning it Into a hackneyed “black men versus black women” debate and of course the media took the bait. The police present to spy on the rally were all smiles. The thought of security also comes to mind because of the nature of this work. At any giving time we all could have been attacked by police, beaten, and arrested, possibly even killed.

Making the black men who organized the demonstration with the help of black women the Villain and enemy was reactionary and counterrevolutionary. These same forces who say they are for black liberation acted more like agents of white supremacy and self-hatred.

Instead of attacking, confronting, and breaking down the racist and reactionary white male patriarchal system that have been oppressing black people for hundreds of years they took the platform to attack black men in general and community activists such as Tommy Joshua, Paul Frosty Jackson and others.

For those who know me and other black men involved,  its disappointing to see shots taken on social media  from reading articles without even reaching out to us first. Knowing that the white media will use the platform to cause confusion and disunity.

Such actions have very little to do with black liberation or revolutionary politics but objectively serves the interests of the pigs who want nothing else but for black activists to fight each other and beef. In fact Monday’s disruption is completely disrespect to the memory of Sandra and is very damaging to the efforts of all genuine black feminist, womanist and LGBTQ comrades who have been actively educating and organizing for black liberation. More than ever all black people must work out there contradictions and unite against the forces of white supremacy, capitalism and the racist-sexist police state.

I also noticed how white allies in attendance supported such actions while black women in pacific masses in general were turned off by them

At the end of the day over two dozen new contacts were made with people who are ready and willing to donate and sacrifice time to do work in our communities. The masses who see past the division-ism and opportunistic actions of a few.

Tuesday July 28th  a meeting was held called by sister Adwoa who was at the demonstration and seen the entire thing unfold.

In the meeting the things that happen was discussed but more importantly solutions and projects. Black women and black  men were both in attendance The outcome is a new movement called “Sandy Still Speaks” which goes to that no matter the reactionary and unprincipled  actions of a few backed by a powerful racist white media, a revolutionary objective can not be detailed nor obstructed. The group will be calling more demonstrations and also calling meetings for black women and men to have these very conversations about issues raised in black spaces.


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