“Call To Action” from the North Philly Peace Park Director of Community Outreach Pili X

We (North Philly Peace Park) take extreme pride in being part of the growing agricultural community that’s sparking a do it yourself green revolution in cities around the U.S

Their are some who wish to discredit, take away, and down play the tremendous work done over the past 3 ½-4 yrs. Our work in North Philadelphia included Bringing in a energetic and unprecedented Urban Farming program, vibrant Schoolhouse using dynamic EarthShip technology, Indefatigable community/institution building via 3 different Festivals that will now run annually. All this in one of the poorest and crime plagued Areas in the city of Philadelphia was no easy task. This work has captured the hearts and minds of the masses and also tons of mass media outlets and publications.
It was made possible from our mighty and courageous staff, ready and willing volunteers, the brilliant children and youth,determined Sharswood community members, and solidarity from all of our supporters.

We may have changed locations but don’t believe the hype about us being destroyed. We are still on the land. In fact our view is that anywhere and everywhere that there is a vacant lot or open land there is a peace park waiting to be built. 

We ask of those who share our interest for a better community, city, state, nation, and world. To join us on the land. Those who want organic fresh food for all people, those who want a better educational system and curriculum, those who want community safe spaces to gather. To join us on the land.

Thorough our wholehearted actions in the North Philadelphia neighborhood of Sharswood we’ve been able to usher in a popular direct action based movement focusing on Land Rights, local democracy, food security, and community controlled schools. This work is far from finished and in a way just getting started.  

This is a call to action. We challenge all of our friends, family, colleagues, and associates to join us. on the land starting with the

Sharswood Neighborhood Assembly

Saturday February 13th, 2016 


Free Library of Philadelphia-Cecil B Moore Branch 

2320 Cecil B. Moore Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19121 

Sponsored by the North Philly Peace Park 

and the The Hip Hop Party for the People


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