White Allies

This term was mentioned to me by my Teacher. He used it in describing the types of roles that interested whites could be aiding in standing up against racist , oppressive , and capitalist detrimental structures of our country. This term , ally , has a lot to do with Black Movements focused on their own respective integration , sustaining , resisting , and building within each other , all the while battling the ails of a world that wants to keep us in cycles. 

If you are what is known as pro-Black and you don’t welcome the assistance of white , diverse , or initiative based rights , community development , or other grassroots organizations , that is perfectly acceptable. If you fit this bill , be careful , because the alienation of not recognizing those that dismiss their privilege , looking to fight alongside of you , and collaborating with others that are sick of elitist divisive agendas , may hinder your ideal strategies even for your own causation. 

Let’s play this scenario out on a hypothetical shall we? The pro-Black guy/girl who is not welcoming the diplomacy of the aforementioned , has built up effective food drives and banks for their people. The organization that is similarly battling the same enemies and irrational entities have members in their group who have logistical connections across cities , states , countries , and towns. This pro-Black individual will be limiting their right and way of enterprise by merely not approaching the diverse and fed up organizing body by cancelling them out altogether. 

The rally , call to address , and media dialogues which have gone underway indicate we are on our way as a class and people in this country. More battles to be fought. More enemies to snuff out. There are a lot more deliberations to be had. We can have this in the bag. We just have to realize who will be for us , by us , and with us in every instant at our classes collaborating with one another to cripple this very devious evil. 

In this writing , I am here to provide references that have occurred in our industries and cultures on how white allies are being effective at fighting the divides in their own sense. It caught me by way of the national attention that was given to a racist reader known as Kimberly Martin. She openly wrote to a syndicated news outlet on her opinion of Cam Newton and spewed epithets blatantly to express her viewpoint. This story was picked up in many national avenues. We now know from an individual case basis who this person is and there are many methods an aligned people can take towards those who stick their feet in their mouth like so. 

I am at the forefront of advocating for registries. I am at the birth of the concept in contributing databases of all these hostile human beings who want to circumvent their anger towards their racist views. We establish these lists and know it is not significant to patronize their media outlets , businesses , politicians, social connections, or their extended networks. They have put the target on their back , and in tracking their information trails , we can further extinguish others whom share these very backward non progressive ways of thinking. 

White allies I believe even exist in the very legal system designated to financially cripple , exploit families , and divide our people on mass levels. I cannot recall a time in my life of reading and watching news seeing more corrupt politicians , officers , and officials being tried for their crimes , offenses , and abuse. When you take that into notation you are seeing a justice system which is organically creating it’s very own line in the sand towards the tolerance it won’t accept for these abusers of their many powers. 

Threads are filled between communities , social media mediums , blog sites , and local chats with white allies addressing the brutalities of the police. People with these stubborn ways of disconnect will have no place to air their distaste but under the same negative common notions of those who share their bitter resentments. 

Collective , effective , and directly rooted economics were put into full throttle over the Box Office release of the Prince of Egypt. This was a film that inaccurately displayed the very integral parts of noted Egyptian history. The film did very poorly nationally. This was a demonstration of the American people everywhere , through their dollars who came to terms with not looking to support a consumer product that was going to falsely represent something of high importance. 

There are going to be many more conflicts on the fronts of America’s propaganda monster machine. I am anticipating how this body of awakened , dedicated , knowing , informed , and connected classes will ascend at combating further manipulations , separation tactics , and aspire to snuff all of the smoke out of the air thrown down at us all. 


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