The 2016 Election The Three Way Race to Nowhere

Welcome to the American voting system. It’s the year 2015. You have your Republicans , Democrats , and Independent party oriented candidates. Of course if you believe in a different type of philosophy , well , to even get nominated on a ballot , you have to pass some financial benchmarks , gain some political clout , and show that you can ace the quizzes of the huge congressional machine with flying colors.

Let’s get into our democratic candidates shall we? Hilary Clinton has been more notorious in the election coming up for her controversies surrounding her emails and the administrative handling of them , as opposed to being seen in any actual influencing light that runs precedent into this race.  There are a few bones to pick with Hilary’s diplomatic policies , practices , and her political relationships outside the US that draws much skepticism surrounding her legitimacy.

Bernie Sanders , who had to give up his actual Independent foundations of office , to be compromised as a Democratic candidate has folks realistically view the system too evil for him to over throw. Even with a young , hip , modern , and very savvy social media campaign. Bernie is ideal in terms of addressing America’s issues on the surface , and maybe for people that want to push for a system that is soundly right , by way of Washington D.C.’s actual politic balance can use Bernie as a father figure in electing and enacting figures that will speak truth into what issues this country faces.

The Republicans? Boy oh boy. What comes to mind? Xenophobia? Racism? Affecting seats of powerful stature that are aligned by people’s pockets , collateral favors , and media control , that appears to be the Republican way so far for the election. Taking over the network exposure times , coverage , correspondence , and providing illogical speeches , conferences and rallies at some kind of method in bringing America back to some unspoken renaissance.

Donald Trump appears to be in Godzilla effect. Taking to talking on the fears of those who do not understand the situation with ISIS , the crisis that is the military over throwing of the Middle East , America’s sudden infatuation with placating Syria as it’s international opponent. In terms of who actually buys into much of this opinionated drivel remains to be seen. At least from what can be gauged in the public.

Ben Carson , ideally conservative , has risen the ranks of authority some how. Unlike Trump who exercises his sorry not sorry card in much of his speeches , Ben Carson allowed himself to insert his foot into his mouth by taking his discriminate remarks about Muslims back. It be would fitting to know from some kind of endorsed standpoint , what kind of Black communities , associations , progressive actions , and people stand forth to have this very delusional fellow obtain a seat through the White House?

There’s no reason to believe that any candidate that is running at this point has done any more or less to usurp the others momentum in changing lives , voters , national beliefs , or promise. Watching the 2016 election coverage is similar to not knowing that there are nothing but gag prizes behind each of the game show networks doors. There are the few , the elite , and those passionate citizens that are riled by particular presidential nominees , who describe with enthusiasm who they vote for or against. That type of attitude is felt almost at every level in organizational politics however. There is a view that should be based on , well , how can I vote if I don’t believe the playing field is qualified enough to do it’s jobs? What about , these men and women that have been interwoven into our daily lives may not be good enough to carry out what is required at leading a country equally for all classes?

The primary responsibility that you can have as a Black , Brown , Poor , or Oppressed national of this nation is to assert your might into the political realm , as it pertains to your organization , educational development , youth empowerment , capitalist resistance , or economic planning. This stands to hold true for any level of election. Whether you are for or against the candidates , we must not sway too far to depend upon federal bureaucracy to lead us all where we belong. This serves as a reminder of watching a fight between people which is not entertaining , but one that you know has to have some kind of outcome. It’s a very peculiar rat race to the finish , in dealing with all developing with the USA’s 2016 election.


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