Dope Citizen Art Collective Christmas

What if you could present a narrative that was entirely in literary form about your experience? Seeing as it is that the Dope Citizen Art Collective at Bourbon and Branch was a collection of Party , Dance , Live Dj’ing , Song Writing , Hip Hop , and Mass Appeal , I decided not to more so correspond about this event. I wanted to think of the theme at utilizing the expression about my time here in a creative mode. And these are the events that happened as follows …..

People socialized over the green room settings. Deliberating on matters like the Black Lives Matter Movement. And it was awesome to hear that this kind of conversation and the thoughts that projected were all a part of our thought process. Even going into a night that people were put here to entertain the crowd and have one and all experience a good time. I touched on an article that I wanted to write with my comrades. The other gentleman had told me that during the rallies of the Black Lives Matter activities that he was a part of , it had a lot to do with older , white , asian , and other ethnicities that were really at the forefront of the rallying organization. This was a new factual find for me. Most of the structure that I was dealing with was predominantly Black. I admired that I was able to take something valuable away from this man , even as we got into these topics right from the gate.

Politics and the systematic matrix , the ongoing lines of sports…. A couple of other discussions that we trailed into. The realest acknowledgement that we had was in knowing how some people would die to keep everything the same in this world. Exactly how it is. No stone turned. That is very scary to factor in , when you think about the work that the people of the world must collectively do in restoring the balance that is whole. On the other end of the coin , is a cold hearted mirror of the truth. Elaborating on statistical , analytic , perspectives of history documented , talking about everything in the culture essential. It served to bring great comfort in our exchanges that I was talking to a group of people that maximizes utmost value , time , energy , and effort throughout every course of their life. And in finding that out , I grew many levels of respect for them there over.

I enjoy when record talk is brought up. It shows a huge level of personal , technical , and fundamental awareness to the technology and the novelty of where the music has been taken from. While much of this had carried on , there was the praise of what Pusha T had done with his latest effort. So , I thought that this is actually a valuable thing to know. I did not listen to his album yet. I usually entrust in personal endorsements to deal with the mainstream music.

Uptown Ezy wore several different hats in this occasion. He spent a lot of his time volunteering seeing if everything was in tip top shape with his sound. He went over the show structure with all the participant artists. One of the marquee moments that he dabbled in was specifically catering out the emceeing and hosting duties to grab the ladies attention , ear , and momentum. While this was underway , you could catch the girls getting their live moments in their apps , posts , updates and taking gorgeous flicks with each other. Drinking , the scrumptious appeal of the food , and just the participation vibe was reaching magnificent highs.

To tune into other perspectives about this night , I , Iron-M.I.C. (eMcee In Control) will be presenting an audio delivery of the entire Dope Citizen Art Collective Show Case with Uptown Ezy. Thank you for your read thus far.


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