Jim Kenney and the Battle of Philadelphia

Well , if it appears to you that as if Jim Kenney is saying all the right things since he has been sworn in as mayor , it appears as if it is all music to your ears. If I am not mistaken , I believe that mayor Nutter appeared to get a couple fan favorite moves under his belt too. ( well , this is before he became the political disconnected robotic functioning conservative that favored big mass corporate business over the needs of his needy citizens.) What are these words of Jim Kenney’s I am referring to you might ask?

He stated his opposition at Temple’s proposed stadium at the Progress Plaza right at Oxford Street. This was already a hypothetical accident waiting to happen. As if North Broad Street isn’t a heavy enough traffic artery as is , the city was one evil doer away from giving Temple University the green light to demolish many focal points of social services to build a 40,000 seat athletic stadium. There were even writers across Philadelphia’s major news circulation networks that statistically referenced stadiums built across the country that are essentially running their athletic programs and losing money. Not only from a social , tension filled , economically inconvenient , and class motivated view point was this proposal afoul , but even those with no direct connection to Temple who would benefit off of such an acquisition had felt that this was not the route to go.

Jim Kenney appeared to be in People’s Champion form once more the New Years week of 2016. He is on the record stating that an event such as the Mummer’s which is subjecting transgender , gay , lesbian , and bisexual individuals to artistic , discriminate , and cultural scrutiny is not something that the city of Philadelphia should stand by to tolerate. This is on the heels of social media backlashes from the Mummer’s faithful who took to the Black Lives Mattering protesters disrupting their procession as distasteful. The only thing distasteful , in the Mummer’s saga is that it’s able to operate under the cloud of suggestive racism and open bigotry ; and is a course of history within a very troubled city which dangles along the lines of ethnic universal understanding between communities. Jim Kenney’s remarks undermine from a tolerance aspect the headlines of Philadelphia papers , who attempted to write the Mummer’s in inaccurate credit proclaiming what they have done for Blacks and Latinos this year in their activities.

Talking a good game is one thing. Now I am going to address several battles that Jim Kenney is going to have to fight head on to ensure that he is everything he says he is over a four year period. The very first thing Jim Kenney is going to have to dive into is the Philadelphia School District fiasco. The city of Philadelphia , over the course of many years , has lazily addressed the nature of how serious this problem is with our city. The cop out , as I like to see it as , has the city relinquish it’s powers to the authorities of the state to handle the transactions , administration , contingency plans , and business going forward with the Philadelphia School District. The state and it’s hierarchy of associates is severely disconnected to the issues the students of this very district face. Not only that , it appears as if in the state’s eyes , the doing the job part only boils down to delivering bad news in the form of school closings , building auctions , and decrying how much money they don’t have in their budget. If the newly elected mayor wants to demonstrate that this is a part of his job , he will thoroughly get Philadelphia city council , whoever is on the ground that represents the city via the school district , he will pull for public support , and openly acknowledge the state’s logistical handling of the Public School sector as unacceptable.

Serving sound justice for Brandon-Tate-Brown will show the mayor does not aspire to have decorated officers of status protected for their very wrong doings. He will stand up to the judicial constituents appointed in this case and enact equal , tried , diverse , and fair legal proceedings in the heinous murder by the Philadelphia Police of this young man. If the mayor is able to do these things through this case alone , it will open up the door for the Philadelphia Police to know that they cannot get away through the leagues of the law with brutality , exploitation , murder or cover-ups of investigations.

There needs to be acute thoughts which are panned out in dealing with the city’s most vulnerable community infrastructures. There is entirely too much talk about deciding what national headlining acts to bring into this city , way too much thought put into touristic endeavors , and a saturated amount of holiday emphasis which leaves the majority unaccepted , not incorporated , or merely serves as a ploy to get blind participants and solicited dollars into an agenda. Crime prevention in the form of communally enriching children through their education , recreational aspects , and participatory art programs are a start in the right direction , I guess , ideally anyways in how the city can facilitate dealing with showing that it is investing in it’s residents. There are a plethora of other concerns that vary from neighborhood to neighborhood over , but if politics between our people is to become a cooperative nuance , people will start to realize the power that they have in their hands as they see a system work for them in their favor.

I want to close this out in saying that I do not SUPPORT Mayor Jim Kenney as of yet. This writing serves as a chronological reference to things that the mayor has gone on the record to say about very critical subjects in our city. My writing about his battles is something I feel should be addressed by all who have government based jobs in this city collectively.


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