6 Areas of Focus

6 Focus Areas of the Hip-Hop Party for the People (HHPP)

“new leadership, new ideas, and a new approach for all of Philadelphia

The Hip-Hop Party for the People has 6 areas of focus which guides our work:

1. Fielding Candidates in Local, State, and National Elections
The Hip-Hop Party for the People (HHPP) is a vehicle to encourage and enable members of our community to run for elected office. The HHPP is dedicated to breaking the democratic and republican party domination of political power and participation. We will not only register new voters, but most importantly, the Hip-Hop Party for the People will educate the community on the power of its organized vote. The Hip-Hop Party for the People will use the elections and elected office as just one platform of many to educate and empower the masses of people. We will also provide endorsements of non-HHPP candidates when appropriate.
2. Community Control and Independent Community Institution Building


The Hip-Hop Party for the People believes the struggle for a new society begins with the struggle against the old. The Hip-Hop Party for the People believes in the practice of Community Control. The idea of Community Control is that anything that is needed by the people of the community for its well being should be owned collectively by the people of the community. If we work on a piece of land, we should be the ones to own it. If we work for a corporation we should own a piece of that too. If we send our children to a school we should be the ones that develop and approve its curriculum. If a business makes a large profit in our community, a portion of that should be re-invested to improve the community.
We believe in Independent Community Institution Building. All of these programs will be independent, and fully controlled and administrated by community members themselves. We will build Community Media Organs, Mass Organizations of different types, After-School Programs, Community controlled- Schools, Community Gardens, Recording Studios, Community Businesses, Health Clinics, Food and Child Care Co-opts etc. Such an experience not only meets the needs of our community, but also transforms the people’s hopes into a reality by showing us that another world possible.
3. Coalition-Building
Revolutionary change happens when many millions of people cooperate and work toward a common goal. The Hip Hop Party for the People will fight for the broadest possible unity of all people by building the “Coalition of the Heart“, which cuts across race, class, nationality, sexuality, religion, gender, ability, or ideological persuasion, to unite all human beings around a shared and fundamental self-interest.
Through short term and long term cooperation, mutual aid and solidarity, both within and across the different communities of America, we believe that together we can forge a United Front of all those who wish to see a better world.
4. Mass Mobilization and Education of the People
Millions of everyday people must be educated to their fundamental humanity and worth. People should be supported, aided, and encouraged in their struggles to improve their lives and those of their loved ones. The Hip Hop Party for the People will always base our work on the mood, desires, and wishes of the community. To educate and mobilize the people into a tremendous movement for social transformation, the Hip Hop Party for the People believes in the development of the People’s Power. We believe we can achieve this through Door to Door Community Organizing, the tactics of Non-Violent Direct Action, and challenging unjust laws. The Hip Hop Party for the People believes informed participation in the affairs of one’s own community is the highest form of citizenship.
5. Youth Leadership, Participation, and Empowerment
The Hip Hop Party for the People believe there’s no investment more important to make than the investment in the well-being and cultivation of our children and youth.
We strongly believe in Youth Leadership, Participation, and Empowerment on all levels. Family and community involvement is a PRIORITY for the development of the youth, who are the ambassadors of tomorrow’s world. Through the tools of mentoring, advocacy and innovative educational models, the Hip-Hop Party for the People will strengthen the educational, cultural, and emotional well-being of our young people, while bridging the growing generation gap that exist within our society.
The Hip-Hop Party for the People believe in the value, genius and creativity of young people, and will work to guide and protect their young lives.
6. Representing Hip-Hop to the Fullest
We declare that Hip Hop is the universal synthesis of human culture, which gives continuity to the most advanced forms of social expression. Hip Hop evolved within urban communities at the close of the 20th century, at a time of great change in American society. Hip Hop is now practiced and powered by generations of people all around the world, proving that this movement is “only what you make it”. WE, THE HIP-HOP PARTY FOR THE PEOPLE, BELIEVE THAT HIP-HOP MUST BE USED AS A TOOL TO SERVE, INSPIRE, HEAL, AND UPLIFT THE PEOPLE.
GET INVLOVED!!!!! VOTE HIP-HOP!!!! Contact us:
Email: Hiphopparty4people@gmail.com
 Twitter: @VoteHipHop
Instagram: HipHopParty
FaceBook: HipHop Party for the People

5 thoughts on “6 Areas of Focus

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  2. This is a great initiative in the spirit of the temple of hiphop & zulu nation. I think these groups with direction and purpose will be most effective in uniting some respect. Hiphop ya don’t stop!

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  4. This is great but your forgot one thing HipHop needs a Hiphop city this is the next level for the Kulture. Please add that and you have a perfect Area of focus

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