Cultural Market and Health Expo


Life expectancy is longer in more equal countries. Crime is less in more equal countries. Drug abuse is less in more equal countries. Mental illness is less in more equal countries, educational scores higher. If you wish to have a long and healthy life, it is advisable to be wealthy. More specifically, try not to be born into poverty. In the United States, the poorer you are, the more likely you are to contract and succumb to heart disease, respiratory disorders, ulcers, rheumatoid diseases, psychiatric diseases or a number of types of cancer. Being sick of course, affects your money situation. This crisis is considered as the Socioeconomic Gradient, it is the dictator of culture for American people.

The titles “working poor” and “working class” apply to the majority of Americans. This inequality affects the rate of violence. In a sense government creates problems to create profit, this has every life system in decline. The most extreme cases of poverty in America among mankind are its poorest “blacks” making up the highest rates of imprisonment, murder, health related illnesses that lead to premature deaths and suicides. The meager attempts at correcting this matter by our politicians is not enough to undue the stain that American slavery has left on its culture. We are experiencing the residue of slavery.

The First Annual Cultural Market and Health Expo has been designed to create a space for people to combine their cultural interest with conversation and political awareness. Everyone has the goal to survive in an optimal way and because we share this commonality this event is geared towards informing the general population of healthy lifestyle changes, dietary and exercise techniques that improve the overall physical health of the individual. Accessing communications with others of different cultures interested in the same goal is healthy for the mind and the community as a whole. We are intrinsically connected to the earth and each other. Upon arriving at this conclusion one by one we raise a higher standard of living for each other and future generations.

I invite you to take advantage of the information provided at the Cultural Market and Health Expo which is both political, and cultural. Topics include the upcoming general election and the latest efforts of Philadelphia’s Hip-Hop Party and collaborators to reinstate the Philadelphia County Fair. Documentaries of Philadelphia’s politics and health demonstrations will be viewed daily. Refreshments served are from various cultures and I look forward to sharing lunch and/or dinner with you.

Thank You In Advance for your participation.


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