Message To The Activist


unedited straight from my mind to the net

There are several terms that I once identified myself as and with but now due to the overwhelming amount of people who call them selfs conscious, intellectual, and activist, revolutionary.

That are looking to further their careers. And don’t really care to do the work/not doing work at all, that is required and that comes with those titles. I try not to label myself in those fields any more.

I still relate to them all but I rather let the work I do speak for it self. The work speaks volumes and from engaging with thousands of people it
gives every day working class people a better understanding of what I stand for as opposed to the labels or ideology.

“People don’t care what you know, until they know how much you care”
People who call and label them self as conscious, intellectual, activist, feminist etc. And want to use their skills to better the community and uplift others. Love to engage in conversation online, love sitting on panels and lectures, love sitting in study groups with a-a likes. Which is all good but a certain level of practice and work has to be put in on a basic level also.

The work and practice is what many are missing. I think many love the titles and the attention they get with it but don’t have the drive to put in the time and energy to practicing and working.

In my opinion black activist, conscious people, revolutionaries have to step it up. Too often we talk about the things that need to be done and say “We got a lot of work to do” but when concrete work is being carried out we disappear and don’t support. We have to learn how to support each other’s projects and causes in a timely manner. And lastly stop finding every reason not to work with each other and build a untied front/coalition in order to carry out mass work. The time spent debating and disagreeing can be spent on real work. Letting differences in ideology stop you from working with other groups is problematic. The solution won’t come from just one focus area but many areas of focus.


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