MeThinks | “Post-Racial Rangers”

Racism (n.) – the fear-based competition (race) between ethnic groups to become the dominant influence, usually by religion, genotype, phenotype, language, skin color, or philosophy.

I am not truly “anti-” anything, by personal philosophy, but, I am, as we say, ‘not down’ with many adverse effects of the current popular American ‘post-racial’ / ‘color-blind’ agenda.

Much of this agenda’s punditry espouses a grand ideal that ‘color-blind’ social equality is alive today. It proclaims that we (Americans-at-large) primarily identify as one, via shared cultural and human commonalities; that a homogenous ‘Americanity’ binds us. And, moreover, that we have overall have abandoned the classic socio-psychologies that permited us to mentally or physically divide groups by race or ethnicity. And, that we even have overall evolved from marginalizing people as based on skin hue (“color-blindness”).


Well,… see,… the problem is that ‘Americana’ (our vague homogenous super-culture) is loosely based on vague notions  and romantic fantasy ideals of ‘freedom, liberty, and honor’… but is expressed more overtly via trendy but serious separatism, sobering war-lusting, and is based on gnarled Greco-Roman, Franco-British, Germanic, & Judeo-Christian ethics and philosophies… –not some mathematically proportionate amalgamation of influence from the wide range of cultures and contemporar’ily mainstream “it” pop culture. And, our super-culture was born in, and partly of division. Racism and bigotry being glaring obvious elements of that. And, the ‘freedoms’ that our culture’s governo-corporate marketers propagate so strongly here are not alien overseas in general.

Not by a long shot.

When people say things like “This is post-racial America. I’m color-blind.“, what I sense from them, usually, is “I’m terrified of any culture but that of rich hyper-capitalist Western European Judeo-Christian post-Romantic Period White types  taking precedence in my everyday life.

People have been proven to fiercely defend the status quo…

Since post-racialism focuses on the concept that our present USA society has dropped racial separatism norms–and penchants–for those of the neo-classist persuasion, or to support a homogenous one-America, a few things might should operate quite a bit differently. For one, the major media outlets playing up the horrible but not-very-unique Trayvon/Zimmerman situation would have been ineffective in riling up the diverse masses as it did/is. We-at-large, in the USA, are conditioned towards ethnicity and race #Team’ing. It seems that we are in an experiment; a tailored system meant for the study and control of us. In such, just to test the waters on how divided Jewish, Hispanic, Black, and White status peoples are, the social engineering government and corporate fat-cats feed us generations of perspective -shaping media… then create or exploit situations in race-related manners. Divided–how they need people to be to sell them fear-based products and influence our concepts of identities and our actions.

Racism fuel.

We can all hold hands and treat one-other as equal, but millions of people, primarily masses of non-White status, non-Anglo-Saxon, and non-Caucasian ethnic persons are A-OK taking deep expressive pride in their uniquenesses–lineages, color, hair types, languages, dialects, heritages, histories, traditions, rituals, religions, and such, without needing to “fit in” to a history ignoring, ethnic traits dismissive singularity of identity.

Surprise, surprise.

For many there is no strong passionate impetus to fold into a homogenous one. Not into the utopian dream. The reality of core American homogenous culture is nothing much more than a fantasy based on 1950’s Middle Class White suburban Judeo-Christian stereotypical lifestyles and values.

We don’t have to BE as one-another to SEE one-another and LOVE one-another. And, we definitely don’t all have to mimic the overbearing cultural tenets and traits of certain dominant groups to be ‘American’. There is horror to be identified in the concept of respect only garnered when one is considered ‘part of the family’. But, to be more appropriate, “non-standard” Americans are often lip-served about as equals, but treated as the human family treats the dog–inferior, but loved, cared for, and expected to ride for the team.


Many colors, alive but not yet considered American style civilized (respectably human), are to “form up” to fortify our nation culturally and end racial divisions… by proclaiming a vague oneness?

I’m sorry; are we to be a mega-zord?

Is life here an episode of Power Rangers?



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