New Music Stright from The Party

Written by Lissa Alicia

Hip Hop Party For Them People member, Pilli X recently dropped new music.

The EP “Patience Of The Saints”, which dropped on October 19th teeter-totters the line between trap music politically aware rhymes. The North Philly rapper gives nods to Hugo Chavez on  “How Can I Lose”, and boasting about getting chicks on “For The People”. This combination serves as a crossover for those who don’t normally listen to politically charged music.

To find out more about Pili X check out his post here on the Hip Hop Party For the People Website. Click here for “Patience Of The Saints”


One thought on “New Music Stright from The Party

  1. t’s cool right buy why you dont rhyme about politics,,, this is for the party, we haven spoke for a year but do you need me to tell you the time is now to start to prepare for t 2016, this is a big one in the post obama era,, i know you want to get at least one guy in office right,, think about which office now and get at me

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