Ma’at International Global Travel Group Membership Drive

Written By Lissa Alicia

The Philadelphia-based travel club, Ma’at International, is currently having a membership drive lasting now until the 31st.

The goal of Ma’at International is to create lasting bridges throughout the nations that were directly affected by the African Diaspora through travel and cultural awareness. CEO/Diaspora Diplomat, Derek Rouse, hopes to eliminate the “8 bloc radius mindset” of people who live in blighted inner city areas by creating “branding and advertising opportunities for our travelers, students, artists, entertainers, sponsors and venders.”

Rouse has planned the pre-launch of the travelers club in conjunction with the 38th Annual ATA World Congress in Buea, Cameron.  For the next few days, a total 50 memberships will be available for a reduced rate of $80 instead of the regular price of $149. Included in the membership is the choice to become a travel agent for Ma’at International, discounted educational travel, a cultural heritage tourism program, and for artist of all kinds, the chance to take your talents abroad as a brand ambassador for Ma’at International.

Currently Ma’at International is planning tours and meet-ups for 2014-15 in locations and events such as Philadelphia, New York City, Cuba, Brazil, Ghana, Ethiopia, India.  The Gambia Homecoming Roots Fest, Olmec-Maya Heritage Tour of Mexico, Moorish Heritage Tour of Spain & Morocco, DC Around The World Embassy Tour, South Carolina Gullah Celebration, and various Caribbean carnivals and Hip Hop Festivals

To read Ma’at International’s mission statement about and to find out more about their pre-launch membership drive visit the Facebook page of Ma’at International  and also the membership event page.


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