Highest Ai-Que “Sun…Rise” Review by Lissa Alicia

Sun...RiseGhost Gang member Ai-Que has finally blessed us with new music. The EP “Sun…Rise” is ready for consumption, and if you are allergic to beats reminiscent of the 1970’s glazed with ‘every-man’ rhymes ( and if you are I feel sorry for you) I suggest you take a Benadryl.

“I’m Gone” could be the score of a compilation scene in “Super Fly” with Ai-Que’s nonchalant raps personified as Youngblood, who is moving gracefully pass the naysayers and wack MCs. With a nod to the Pharcyde “Trading Places Featuring R.E.G.” speaks of the particularities of coming up and residing in an urban area. He questions, would you really be able to lie this life? Making it back to our current time-space dimension,  the intentionally ‘bleep ridden’ hook sums up “No Dollars, No Sense”. If you are familiar with the plights of MSG saturated and gentrified neighborhoods this track probably belongs in your ITunes.

Ultimately, the lyrical craft of Ai-Que is totally worth a listen, a long one. Nothing to get turnt up to, but definitely some good  reflective “Im going to ignore the world while on SEPTA music”. Side effects: Thorough head nods.

Check out the music of Ai-Que here

Also HHPP’s interview of Ai-Que here


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