For Immediate Press Release: Philly Stand Up! ” The Take Over” Walk..

Philly Stand UP_Flyer F
For Immediate Press Release!!

The Hip Hop Party Philly Stand Up “The Take Over” Broad Street Youth Walk and Parade.

Date: August 17th, 2013
Locations: Broad Street from Love Park (15th and J.F.K) from Broad and Erie, Philadelphia Pa
Contact information: Ms. K, 267-237-5127

The Hip Hop Party for the People presents the 2nd Annual Philly Stand Up “The Take Over” Broad Street Youth Walk and Parade. PSU is a youth led committee that works with activist, leaders and parents aspiring to help make genuine and positive changes in Philadelphia. Last year 300 youth was present that made profound statements in education, art and politics. This year will be even more monumental of young ambassadors voicing their opinion through Art and Culture, Community Work and Hip Hop. We have come together for the purpose of holding a major youth walk THE TAKE OVER! Broad Street Youth Parade! in honor of celebrating our EXCELLENCE in style, education, hustle, talents and accomplishments. As a sign of unity we encourage all to bring an instrument,drum, pots, pans, buckets as we will have a live jam session up broad street. Our mission is to:

1. encourage the youth led-movement for positivity, self-awareness and social change.

2. raise resources for area organizations which serve the youth in areas of mentoring, education and wellness.

3. discourage violence, hopelessness and despair among the youth and general public with an optimistic

4.highlight the positive contribution of the city’s youth led-organizations

The Hip Hop Party for the People believes Youth Leadership, Participation, and Empowerment creates a better future for tomorrow’s youth.

We encourage mentors, parents, and the Philadelphia tri state to be part of Philly Stand Up! All are welcome! Please invite family, friends and youth groups.

Thank You in Advance!

The Hip Hop Party for the People.
Philly Stand UP_Flyer B


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