The Value Of Race

sharifbookcaseThis article was originally posted on on july 15 2013

In the eyes of the masses this case was about a young black ‘thug’ teenager and a law-abiding neighborhood watch ‘victim.’ This case brought out raw unfiltered emotions from all kinds, both black and white, on both sides of the case. In the eyes of the majority it was innocence versus self-defense.  There is another group that did not see this trial as a fight of good versus evil or even right versus wrong. Instead, they saw the value of life. Can a man take the life of a young black kid and get away with it in 2013? This was the question so many of us asked and on Saturday July 13, 2013 that questioned was answered with two simple words: NOT Guilty!

George Zimmerman was found not guilty to the surprise of few. In the eyes of Black America we looked on with faith but our reality was he was going to walk. Things were said among the black community like, “This ain’t the first time and it wont be the last,” “Saw that coming,” “I guess this is payback for O.J.” These are the least brutal attempts and attacks that were heard across social media in the last two days. This lack of justice or consistent injustice has angered many Americans from all types of backgrounds, surprisingly, not just the black community. The law does not promote equality and George Zimmerman walking free proves the fact that black life is not valued in this country. The question is what happens from here? Do we flood social media with hate and ignorance and create a hostile environment or do we unite and take a look at the standard of life in America and the laws that protect that value?

We continue to scream injustice when a black life is taken only when the person taking the life is not black. Chicago had over five hundred murders last year and none of it made it to primetime CNN or into a courtroom. This is not to minimize what George Zimmerman did but what he did to Trayvon is what we do to ourselves on a daily basis and make little to no fuss about it, both black and white alike. We continue to devalue ourselves by using the same tactics over and over again: march, protest, and attempt to change laws. But how, when the one pulling the trigger is of a different complexion, is this accomplishing anything? Equality is not won in the courtroom, but rather in the mirror when you look at yourself and realize you are not of a lesser value. Justice is won when we stand up and stop the killing of another young black teenager!

R.I.P Trayvon Martin and all the lives it took for America to WAKE UP!


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