HHPP Trayvon Martin Statement


Statement of the Hip-Hop Party for the People on Justice for Trayvon Martin

The Hip Hop Party For The People joins the millions of people across the world who are outraged by yet another American miscarriage of justice in light of the horrific racial profiling and gunning down of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin.

At this time our prayers are with the Martin family as we call upon everyone to reflect deeply on the meaning of both Trayvon’s murder and the unjust verdict passed by the US courts.

We all are Trayvons! Our young brother Trayvon was a victim of a overall racist society, a deeply ingrained self-hating mentality which devalues black life and criminalizes and demonizes all African-Americans, including its men and boys, and a dysfunctional and broken legal system in which African-American and other oppressed people get no justice. The HHPP calls upon all people to redouble the effort to transform the way we see each other, including how we see our African-American men and boys, while working unitedly to end the cycle of horizontal and vertical violence that plague our community.

Thee HHPP supports the masses in the righteous mass protests launched in over 100 cities across America in light of the acquittal of killer George Zimmerman. However the HHPP does not believe that the power to administer justice ultimately lies with the oppressive system we seek to transform. We can only prevent more Trayvons by taking militant and proactive strategic measures to safeguard the African-American community’s capacity of self-organization, self-determination and self-defense.

Real justice must be sought out from the American people ourselves by a mass internal community revolutionary movement to address the larger framework of a racist state power, and a internal civil war which holds back our community’s social development and impede our unity and ability to effectively resist oppression

In light of recent events, the Hip Hop Party For The People once again call upon the entire community to join us and the African-American youth on Saturday August 17th in making the upcoming Philly Stand Up! Broad St Youth Walk in Philadelphia a grand success and stronghold for positive revolutionary mass expression.

Philly Stand Up! Justice 4 Trayvon! Defend Black Life! Organize the People! Join us this Thursday at our public meeting to discuss current issues,solutions and
For more info on Philly Stand Up!
And other HHPP programs that you can be apart of today
meeting on Thursday July 26 at 7:00pm Peace House Creative Space 1320 N. Taney Street Philadelphia, PA 19121



3 thoughts on “HHPP Trayvon Martin Statement

  1. this is a great movement so lets make sure that it is that as stagnation is death….we need to indeed become proactive on a broad level and strategically start on a local level…as it has been stated think globally and move locally… we need to get our numbers up of people that are committed to support us on election day and as well as through out the years and endeavor. lets work on getting more visibility and having more stronger use of this medium by having more interaction on this website with testimonies of the effects of the party, we want people to see that people are indeed affected by the actions of the party and that our efforts are not trivial or in vein, we can make a difference if we make different moves
    contact me at shabazz@yorku.ca

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