Chernoh Bah From Sierra Leone. Philadelphia Speaking Tour


In a nod to the importance of Philadelphia to global Black liberation struggle, Brother Chernoh Bah, Chairman of the West African based African Socialist Movement will be making Philly his first stop for his US Speaking Tour. Brother Bah will be in town from June 17th-20thas a guest of the Hip-Hop Party for the People (HHPP) and the local revolutionary movement and will be available to address journalists, progressive groups, community audiences and interact with the African family.

Philadelphia Speaking Engagements:

Monday June 17th 2013
“Official welcome Reception for Brother Chernoh Bah, Chairman of the African Socialist Movement”
The Peace House
1320 N Taney St.
Philadelphia PA, 19121
Hosted by the Hip-Hop Party for the People and the Peace House Creative Space
Free Admission

Tuesday June 18th 2013
“From West Africa to West Philly Thank Tank Featuring Brother Chernoh Bah, Chairman of the African Socilaist Movement”
Sankofa House 906 South 49th St.
Philadelphia PA 19143
Hosted by the Sankofa House
Co-Sponsered by African Socialist Movement USA and the Hip-Hop Party for the People
Free Admission

Wednesday June 19th 2013
“Live Interview with Brother Chernoh Alpha M Bah at Black and Noble Bookstore “The Situation in Africa and the Way Forward”
Black and Noble Bookstore
1409 W Erie Ave (at Broad St)
Philadelphia, PA 19140
Free Admission

More Info:

From the ASM:

“Chairman of the African Socialist Movement, Chernoh Alpha M. Bah will be coming to the US to address various audiences….He will be reporting on the results of the November 2012 national elections here on Sierra Leone and providing a revolutionary analysis of the current political and social situation of African people in this country. He will also be laying out ASM’s strategy for contending against the neocolonial forces and agents of imperialism as we march forward in our pursuit if seizing actual state power. It is very important that we build the genuine African unity that we theorize about in action NOW!”


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