Fresh Spits: Five Part Interview Series Five ft. Realysm

Realyism  photo taken by K.

photo taken by K.

Car Salesman, Blogger, Hip Hop Artist all encompassed in the man known as Realysm. Realysm, also known a Real is from Philly, but does not “limit” himself to the city. To say the least, this man is mad confident in everything that he does. Realysm had such crowd control and stage presence that had the entirety of Silk City moving. His rhymes are not any different. No tongues are bit when he spits his energetic, and sometimes shocking, raps.
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Lissa: How would you describe you lyrical style?
Realysm: Poetry put to music. Very poetic and melodic.

Lissa: What material do you have available?
Realysm: The first thing I ever did was Head Phones Required, in 2011. Then I did The Art of SirRealysm.

Lissa: What are you looking to get out being a Hip Hop artist?
Realysm: I want to be financially sustained. I don’t necessarily need to be rich. I just want to have enough money to survive and continue to do what I do

Lissa: Independent or signed?
Realysm: I think the indie grind is much more rewarding. You get much more creative control and it is more gratifying to see the results. That being said, being a business person I feel like negotiating the right deal is not a bad situation. Just make sure that is the right situation for you. I am thirty so I am interested in getting some sort of deal with somebody rather than starting from the bottom and grinding it out that way. I would sign something now.

Lissa: What is your take on the Philly Scene?
Realysm: The scene is good. I wouldn’t say I fit in. I’m my own thing with this. I dabble, and I am friends with everybody, but I am not necessarily cliqued up with any certain group of people in the city. And I am ok with that.

Lissa: March is Women’s History Month, seeing how the time is fitting, what is your opinion on misogyny in Hip Hop?
Realysm: I guess you can feel bad about it, but if you go out and see where the music is played, and see the reaction of women, to that music; they embrace it. I guess they understand that it is just talk and that’s just what people want to hear right now. I don’t really talk too much about it unless it is a record that I’m getting paid for to be on a soundtrack or something and I have to be that person. It’s not for me. I don’t think it is a horrible thing. They subscribe to it.

Lissa: What is next for you as an artist?
Realysm: I want to create some sort of tastemaker’s event where I bring together all the things that I appreciate. I love the finer things in life. I love good scotch, cigars. I love exotic cars and things like that. I want people to come to an actual event. Not where someone is rapping on stage and you can barely understand what they are saying. I want them to come out and experience something that they will be happy to pay for, which is a tough thing to get in Philly. They will leave wanting to know when the next thing will be. I am looking to take that abroad. Have a Philly event. Have an Atlanta event. That what I see next for Realysm The Brand.

Lissa: What is next for Hip Hop?
Realysm: Who knows? I don’t know? I think that it is a constant thing of fusion with Hip Hop. It always merges with some other form of music.


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