Gun Talk In America


Gun Talk in America
The tragic lost of life that we are seeing in our communities has become the norm in America. Today not only do we see the violence from guns in black & brown communities but also in the white ones. The gun violence in urban cities like Philly and Chicago that white America hasn’t experienced has hit. And it doesn’t seem like its going to just disappear.

The headlines of mass killings that are televised and printed through out the media. Makes people feel a need to have better security. Which in turn actually raise gun sales. Rather it be legally or illegal. I see people tweet about the issue of gun violence being a major factor in black & brown neighborhoods for decades but has never really gotten the attention of the government to change laws or come up with new ones to better the situation. Until recently when these attacks with guns have hit the white communities.

Gun safety, gun control, gun reform, gun legislation. Why has America waited so long to lobby and protest for these? Why wasn’t it a issue when we only saw these types of things happing in black & brown Communities? America not caring for the victims of gun violence in black and brown communities. Might be one of the those answers. What ever the case is America as an whole has a problem, a gun problem. That needs to be solved. As to how and when it will be solved is still to be determined.
Lawmakers recently voted no on a bill that would reduce gun violence. Which isn’t a good sign for those that are really pushing for gun control

The Hip Hop Party for the People will be hosting our next panel that is apart of our event series The Political Hot Spot it will be at the end of May the topic is “Gun Talk” the panel will feature various points of views on the issue/crisis of guns and gun violence that America is facing right now. The Political Hot Spot is a political education forum for the community to have open dialogue on social issues in education, art, politics, culture, current events.

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2 thoughts on “Gun Talk In America

  1. hip hope hip hotep, very disappointed with the effort for this article, it was succinct but not suffice. This is a hot button issue and yet it was only flirting with the explosive issue, so much more can be added to rile up emotion to attract attention towards the party…stats, and instances to illustrate to get kids open though, and give exact details of the meeting and try to connect it more towards the party.. forward keep on, look with in and never be without kaliym shabazz

  2. “Why wasn’t it a issue when we only saw these types of things happing in black & brown Communities?”

    I don’t know, maybe because liberal/progressive/Democrats are such kind and caring people who want to do everything they can to help black people be safe? But maybe not? Maybe they just don’t care how safe their “voter plantation” is as long as they can “harvest” the votes at election time?Yea, that sounds more logical to me, based on the evidence.

    Also those liberal/progressive/Democrats who don’t really give a damn about black-on-black violence in the ghettos is also the same people fighting tooth and nail to keep Planned Parenthood funded in the “hood” to kill black babies on a Dr. Gosnell like assembly line. Of course the Democrats are the same people who liked to wear white sheets and hang blacks in the South not too many decades ago. If I was a black I think I would prefer the old time KKK sort of Democrat than the modern progressive/liberal who claims to love them while turning a blind eye to the genocide now taking place. At least a black knew where he really stood with an old time Democrat.


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