Killer Mike Challenges The Democratic Party


This is a portion of a interview from with ATL MC Killer Mike

Killer Mike Challenges The Democratic Party
DX: A lot of times, you’re viewed as a conscious rapper. Now, you’ve never been one to bite your tongue in your music, do you feel like Hip Hop has gotten too close to Obama, to where they won’t speak freely?

Killer Mike: The bigger question is, are black people too forgiving of their leaders and politicians? The bigger question is what is the real place for black people in the Democratic Party? What concerns of black people are going to be addressed? In particular, a group of people within the black population…half of black population is black men, that’s double the unemployment rate. Understand the travesty of that. You have a citizenry that is double the unemployment rate, yet 60 to 70 times more likely to be incarcerated for non-violent drug offenses. You’re selling drugs to feed yourself because there aren’t jobs, yet you vote for politicians that don’t insure your men get jobs. That’s not just a strike at Obama, that’s saying black people and the Democratic Party…because there’s not an option for black people to vote Republican, because they don’t. They just don’t. The few that do, I respect and admire because they do it for whatever their own principles are. Whether I agree with them or not, because they have the courage to step out of line because they have a firm belief in something.

But for the most part, black people, before they wake up in the morning, before they eat their cereal or drink their coffee, they know they’re gonna vote Democrat. And they should demand something back. You deserve some reciprocity for loyalty given to this party for the last 50 years. You deserve more than pictures of Robert Kennedy and Dr. King on your wall. You deserve more than the feeling of feeling good because someone of your color is in office. You deserve something for that. So the bigger question, that I can firmly give an answer to, is that I think it’s time for the Democratic Party to give us something or for us to leave the Democratic Party.

DX: And, if we left the Democratic Party, what do you think would be the option?

Killer Mike: The option is bargaining with the Republican Party. The Republican Party is saying they’d like to send people money to go investigate the likelihood of getting support in black community. I would say no, reach out to people who are independents in the community. If you’re in Atlanta, reach out to Shelley Wynter, who’s a former radio host, but current independent. He’s a staunch conservative…huge Ben Carson supporter, as am I. I don’t even vote Democrat or Republican. My thing is, I’m a huge Ben Carson supporter. The Republicans should give Shelley Wynter the money to organize black men in Atlanta. That’s what they should do. Put me on the board of that; that’s a board that I would love to be a part of.

You have Shelley Wynter and Killer Mike in Atlanta, [and] I would bring on some other people. I’d bring on Democrats. I’d bring on Derrick Boazman, and I’d bring on some other people. What I would do, I’d give those men the millions you’re going to send to market, and I’d go to barbershops. I’d listen to what the concerns of black men are. I would have that panel of people go and take a census to barbershops. Then I would take those barbershops, much like the one I own, and I would take the findings, and try to find a strategic plan, that immediately injected money into the African American community to make the men in that community business owners. Meaning, men that were getting out [of jail] for non-violent drug offenses that would be willing to go back, get certain degrees, or certain trades. I would give incentives for hiring black plumbers or black business. I would also start to do small loans, where young men who have the ability to own small stores or bodegas, would then become the owners of that. If you don’t own nothing in your community, you don’t own your community. Essentialy, Republicans, I would put that money in the hands of black Republicans, who are not like the black Democratic servants that are now in our community and taking the money god knows where. I would make sure black men’s unemployment would start lowering, jobs are increasing, and I’d make it very public that we are doing this. I would also tell black men, “We know you’re living in a dangerous environment. And we’re willing, as the Republicans and the NRA, to back you all having firearms, with proper training and whatever else is needed. We’re willing to help you get your records expunged for that bullshit weed charge you got.” I would make a vested interest in the black community if I were a Republican. I would focus on stressing that Fredrick Douglass was a Republican. And I would try to be a lot more Fredrick Douglass-like, and lot less Bush-like in my policy.


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