Living Change

A Living Revolution

The most revolutionary acts I have witnessed have had nothing to do with guns and armed struggle at all. Being a community organizer, leader, activist, and revolutionary in Philly. Many of the people who share my interest severing the masses have a romantic idea of revolution (change). On one hand they think that revolution (change) happens over night and that it’s something that comes easy. On the other hand they think that, the only way to bring about a revolution is from the gun. A fight and armed struggle. This is so far from the truth.

I have never witnessed any type of armed struggle from the masses against the system in my lifetime. I’ve read about many but never seen it. I’ve seen and been apart of what is called a living revolution (change) that has taking place over the years tho. One that is far from over. Here is a list of some of the most revolutionary things to happen in the city of Philly that to some might not look like it but are revolutionary acts

1. Turning a large lot that is owned by the city but for years ignored by the city. For years filled with trash and junk from the neighboring community. Was taken by the community, cleaned and turned into a garden called The Peace Park. Where vegetables and herbs are grown and community members come and take what they need/want. Teaching people the value of land, how to plant and grow their own food.

2. In the middle of a drug infested block in north Philly. A large prayer was held were the drug dealers, revolutionaries, children, elders, college students, average every day people of all faiths gathered to pray. Blocking the street in a large prayer circle. This is a revolutionary act because it represented the faith and heart of the people

3. The fight to free Askia Sabor who was badly beaten by PPD 19th district. On a sept night while waiting for food out side a Chinese store. He was beaten and arrested. The community came together and held what was called People’s Court at the scene of the crime of the 19th Dist PPD. And spoke out against the brutal/terroristic attack.

At the height of the PC there was more than 100 ppl that packed the streets. To the point the police had to shut down one of west Philadelphia’s busiest streets. The following week holding another Peoples Court and walk to the PPD 19th Dist where hundreds of ppl took part in. To demand justice for Askia. Askia spent two years in jail but has since been released after his trail found him not guilty of all charges

4. Philly Stand Up: Be The Change Youth Walk. Was a youth walk where young people from all over the city decided to take a stand against city government and the media who portrays them as mobs and out of control. But more importantly to be the change.

Young ppl from all walks of life the good ones and the so called bad ones walked board st from love park to Eire Av. Live Performances, Muisc, and chants kept the spirt of the walk high. Ending with a block party at board and Eire. This August the 2nd annual walk will take place

5. The formation of the HipHop Party for the People. When we came up with this idea. Community leaders, activist didn’t want to get down. They didn’t want to run for city office. Today there is no force in the city that has a bigger influence on the movement than the HipHop Party. Running independent candidates for office. Speaking at schools, clubs, street corners, parties, city hall, community meetings. Holding our events called the Political Hot Spot. The Political Hot Spot is a political education forum for the community to have open dialogue on social issues in education, art, politics, culture, current events

No political organization, party, or force has the full support of the streets and masses like us. The approach of building with the good people no matter if they are who they are is the most advanced. democrats, republicans, tea party, green party, socialist party we have sit in meetings with them all. The very program and platform of the HHPP has something that every America citizen can take something from.

6. Organizing Temple University black students to re form the black student union. Turning the unorganized black student activist into a movement not just on the TU campus but with in the community in which temple is based.

6. People’s Court’s that started with the fight to get justice for Askia Sabor. Ending up going to neighborhoods all over the city. When they herd bout police wrong doing the people’s court was there taking place. Black on black crimes the people’s courts was there at the scene taking place. The people’s court give people a real life example of how to get the people talking about real issues with in their neighborhoods, what actions should be taking and solutions to the things happening

7. A alternative school/model school was a way to get ready to have and operate independent schools. By bringing in children on Saturdays and having a school day that including new and alternative forms of teaching. The model school was held for weeks at a time, where students had a interactive school day that used per mentoring as we’ll as a each one teach one approach to teaching.

8. The Peace House, The Peace Spot, and The Peace Park. Are all in walking distance of each other in north Philadelphia. The Peace House Creative Space serves as a venue open for events with a healthy eating kitchen/catering, hookah and movie lounge, Hostel for people to crash, recording studio, and media and printing lab. All under one roof. The Peace Spot is a community center and space that is open for events and gatherings. And is home to Club Peace for youth parties. Meetings for the HHPP and other orgs take place there also.
The Peace Park as I spoke of already is a community garden

So raping it up. We have not seen a real armed struggle for revolution (change) in a while. Stop thinking that the only way one can bring a change to our current situation is from the gun. I gave you living examples of revolution (change) that are real and all from the past five years. All qstill in progress now. There is a new culture of people who are in the know and share what they know on social media sites. Often down talking and sounding self righteous because they know something that others don’t. A culture of people who have no practice of what they know. Besides what they do on social sites.

Get off of your phones, laptops, I pads, and tablets for a while and start being part of this living revolution (change) that is taking place. The revolutionary man and woman isn’t the poor or rich but the good. The living revolution (change) isn’t bout just black people. It doesn’t know race, class, nationality, sexuality. It’s bout the heart and the good of all people.


One thought on “Living Change

  1. This action in the community is really good and creates change in the community. Also it bonds people together than divide. Wish more communities across the world can have such input

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