Political Hot Spot: Where The Ladies At


WHO: The Hip Hop Party for the People is a political party for everyone to have a voice in city, state, and national politics. We were founded in Philadelphia in 2011 to challenge the Monopoly
of the two party system through our 6 focus areas. Fielding Candidates in Local State and National Elections, Community Control and Independent Institution Building, Coalition Building, Mass Mobilization and Education , Youth Leadership, and Representing Hip Hop Culture to the Fullest.

The HHPP advocates new leadership, new concepts and new approach. One way we intend on doing Community Control and Institution Building is through the HHPP Political Hot Spot.

“Where the Ladies At?” Political Hot Spot will be a panel discussion on women in Hip Hop. Panelists will critically access the positive and negative issue facing women in Hip Hop focusing on topics such as sexism and misogyny in Hip Hop to their major contribution to the art.
The panel will feature diverse perspectives from emcees, activists, and b-girls. An all star cypher with some of the nicest female emcees will conclude the discussion.
The Political Hot Spot is a political education forum for the community to have open dialogue on social issues in education, art, politics, culture, current events, etc.

WHEN: Thursday March 28th 2013 6pm-9pm

WHERE: University Of Pennsylvania Dubois College House (Muti Propose Room)
3900 Walnut St Phila, Pa 19104

This political education gathering will consist of guest panelist, speakers, presentations and performances.

Confirmed Panelist and Guest:
1. Marc Byers-Entertainment marketing/branding and Philly Tourism Arts Diversity Consultant
2. Tiani Victoria– HipHop Artist
3. Sonya McDuffie– Chief in Editor of Urban Celebrity Magazine
4. Miss P– Radio Host
5- Isis Tha Saviour- HipHop Artist
6. Aquil– HipHop Artist

Miss Tiff, Emperess,
Miss Ambitious


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