My Account Of The HHPP Formation


My Account Of The HHPP Formation"
The thing that that makes the HipHop Party for the People (The HipHop Party) special is that not only did we create an actual political party to challenge the monopoly of the two party system is that

All of us who founded the party before the party was thought of were Community organizers, leaders, teachers, mentors, activist political and social, revolutionaries, artist, writers, enhuperuers. We took our talents and strengths and tried a different approach and style. To bring about the change we wanted to see.

In september 2010 leaders from all over Philly came together to support and draw attention to the police brutality beaten of Askia Sabur who was a viticm of the Philadelphia police department 19th district. The neighbors, community, and organizers took over the block of the beaten and held People's Court which started as a goruop of about 10 and turn into a block of hundreds. At the peak of the Peoples court the block was shut down by PPD. Because of the out pour onto the streets. The following week after there was a mass walk to the PPD 19th Dis. To serve them with papers of charges against the officers who were guilty of the brutal attack and to the 19th dist. The walk draw hundreds of concerned citizens to take over the streets of west Philly and walk in support of Askia. The Askia Coalition Ag Police Brutality was formed to fight for justice for Askia Sabur and all other victims of police brutality.

In 2011 we went on to forum the HHPP. by early to mid January of 2011 At first asking people who would seem to be great candidates to join us and run for a elected office (activist, community leaders) who were apart of the leadership who helped put together the people's court and walk. When we didn't get the response wanted from those folks. some thought it wasnt the way we should have been going, some afraid to step into the world of politics. we looked within our own to find candidates. The first candidate selected was Keturah Caesar for City Council By February we chose another candidate Pili X to also run for City Council as well.

We went on from there having meetings and think tank sessions to create which is now known as the "six focus areas" and at the same time preparing our self for our City Council Campaigns with talking points from various topics education, youth, job creation, economic development, neighborhood transformation,

Taking speaking engagements any and every where possible. Internet Radio stations, blogs, night clubs, local news papers, black republican and tea party meetings, schools, community center meetings,
hiphop shows and cyphers.


One thought on “My Account Of The HHPP Formation

  1. hip hope hop hotep,, while i am honored to be a part of the organization and see a great future for this movement,, i also was belssed with this idea but at an earlier date, when i saw on the internet that other brothers and sisters of the same mind had the same ideas i was please to be part of that movement in unity.. now is the time to unify and conflate visions and pool resources to create a greater future… get at me…this is getting close to money time and if we cant get anyone elected to make us official then that is on us as we have mad prep time and hip hope has mad ways for us to make that cream to make it all happen though,, so what do we do in a situation like this kane says get tough or get dissed,,, kaliym shabazz

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