Day Two of Askia Sabur’s Trial Puts Two Troubled Officers on Trial Instead

The Philly Declaration


Yesterday saw day two of Askia Sabur’s trial, with another cross-examination of Officer Jimmy Leocal. By mid-afternoon, it quickly turned what is expected to be a three day trial about one young West Philadelphia man’s alleged crimes into an indictment of two Philadelphia police officers’ willingness to perjure themselves to protect their jobs and reputation.

Assistant District Attorney Carolyn DeLaurentis appeared to have little to bolster her case against Sabur and his defense team, and the bulk of cross-examination was driven by Larry Krasner, who for a second day used video, written statements from officers and their own testimony to create a startlingly-different picture of what happened the night of September 3rd, 2010.

At one point during yesterday’s trial, Leocal grinned nervously as one of Sabur’s defense attorneys, Larry Krasner, played the controversial arrest video.

Leocal was the officer principally involved in Sabur’s beating. A number of photos, admitted as evidence, showed…

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