Askia Coalition Against Police Brutality:

(Hundreds of concerned citizens take over the streets of west Philly in support of Askia Sabur September 2010)

February 14, 2013 9am
Criminal Justice Center in Philadelphia (13th and Filbert St.)
room 908

Peace friends and supporters.
September 3, 2012, marked two years since our brother Askia Sabur was brutalized by four of Philadelphia’s 19th District police. This routine act of terror against Askia was caught on tape and went viral shortly after. What many of us watched from the security of our homes and offices was an unarmed Askia, restrained, beaten repeatedly over the head, while amazed onlookers questioned their own safety when a police officer waved his gun at the crowd; obviously out of control. From this incident Askia sustained injuries to his head, neck and back, not to mention the mental and emotional strains put on Askia and his family as a result of the incident. Since September 3rd, a lot of activity has taken place in the name and spirit of justice for Askia, and subsequently his cousin Tanya Yates (also brutalized by 19 District police a month later in what the police call an “unrelated” incident). From the march on the 19th District Police Station; the formation of the Askia Coalition Against Police Brutality; the multiple press conferences; meetings with Philadelphia elected officials and police; door to door outreach, rain, shine, sleet and snow; the Peoples Tribunal; to the Anti Police Terror training and subsequent Know Your Rights workshops and a slew of interviews Askia’s story has reached as far as Oakland, California and Atlanta, Georgia. How? The power of the people!

(West Philly neighborhood rally for justice in the case of Askia Sabur September 2010)

Please note, there will not be a jury trial held for Tanya’s case. Supporters can support Tanya tomorrow 2/13/13 at the CJC at 9am in room 702.

We encourage you now to continue your support and renew your fight as you are needed now more than ever at Askia’s and Tanya’s trial.We know and understand that our strength is in our numbers so we ask that you schedule time off work, go in late, take an extended lunch break, do whatever is necessary to be present at court.We expect the trial to last 2-3 days, if you can come on any day, for any period of time over the three days you are going a long way in ensuring that justice is carried out. Please bring your signs, let’s pack the court room, the hallways, and sidewalks.



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