Finding Empowerment Through Education


Photo: Danger Remy

Finding Empowerment Through Education is not your average non-profit. Not only is this group comprised solely of women (up until 3 weeks ago), but they are also from all different walks of life. In this small 6 piece organization lies a wide range of representations of the community. They range from raw vegans to carnivores, mothers to bachelorettes, artists, musicians, hairdressers, rappers, poets, and of course educators. F.E.T.E has come a long way since its 2009’s inception in ATL. It all began when founder Lori Chambers and some Clark Atlanta University students took a trip to Hurricane Katrina site for volunteer work. They were awakened to a harsh reality in the severe contrast between the help the middle to upper class were receiving in comparison to lower class blacks. In the midst of discrimination, Lori was impassioned to improve her community, to proactively make changes, and to instill some positive structure for the future generations.

Through the fluxuations of life, F.E.T.E was temporarily in hiatus, only to be revitalized this past summer in Philadelphia will brand new members: Lori Chambers: Executive Director, Shyaine Bethaine: Executive Administrator, Shanita Walker: Director of Marketing and Outreach ,Khyietta Singleton: Director of Research and Development, Nia Nadira: Director of Arts and Humanities, and F.E.T.E’s newest member Donald Morgan: Director of Physical Fitness and Youth Outreach. These individuals are working as a unit to revolutionize the community and make changes that generations down the line can see. With educational programs such as Teen Awareness Movie Night, Health Awareness, Community Building workshops, and many others to come, F.E.T.E is aiming to combat the effects of negative propaganda, community wide hatred, and habitual lifestyles.

Through grants, detailed planning, and partnering with other community oriented movements, F.E.T.E knows that the only place they are headed is up. “Ever since we’ve gotten serious, connections have been pouring in from left and right, that’s how we know we are doing what we are suppose to,” says Shyaine. “We a street team, we out here! Everything we need we find a way to get it, all the pieces come together,” says Shanita. With F.E.T.E’s official debut only a month behind them, they know the future is hot and full of hard work. Their meet and greet fundraising lunch which happened early January was “The proof I needed to buckle down and get my head in this game, we’re not just a group of people with a name, we are a movement,” says Nia. With Lissa, fellow writer of Hip Hop Party of The People, Link Magazine, and one of the two piece The Awkward Sauce blog, F.E.T.E is launching their teen awareness movie night in April along with their Real Rap showcase, so look out.

For more information on F.E.T.E, you can find them at :

By Nia Nadira


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