I obey my thirst all the time. Every day in fact. As a matter of fact I’m obeying my thirst by writing this.

I think that every one has a little thirst in them, some more than others. Me personally Im thirsty all them time. But my thirst may be different from the thirst of the average person.

My thirst is a thirst to live. I wake up every day. With extreme thirst to live the most productive I possibly can. My thirst is to be sucussful any and every thing that im doing and trying to achieve. And I obey that thirst

The slander towards people who are thirsty. Has people afraid to obey it. I would have thought different with every one claiming now days that they aren’t followers.

When you need or want something to drink, you get something to drink. So why not obey your thirst and go after that dream job, the person you’ve had a eye on and want to ask out on a date, applying to the college/university everyone doubts you can get into.

I can go on for days but the point is to obey your thirst, in a good positive productive way. and oh yeah Obey Your Thirst


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