Quick Thoughts: HipHop and Gun Violence


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Quick Thoughts: HipHop Gun Violence

Is mainstream Hip Hop scared of doing a song/songs about gun violence that challenges the laws in place and for new laws to be written. Has mainstream Hip Hop became such a commodity and to corporate to make music that speaks out against gun violence and raises awareness to the issue that affects millions living in urban communities everyday. Would doing songs of this type make people loss respect, discredit the artist, or Lessing their street credibility

These are a few of the questions that come to mind when I think of the issue of gun violence in the urban community as well as others. And with the nations most recent mass shooting where many young lives where taking it comes to mind.

Hip Hop as a whole has done a great job addressing these questions but mainstream Hip Hop has not. I don’t think our biggest artist, brands, celebs have used their voice and influence to its greatest power yet. At least not in the last 5-10 years on a mass level.
Another question that comes to mind is it Hip Hop’s job to address the issue of gun violence? And not just through song but actually having discussions and dialog about it?

I can see a Lupe Fiasco or Nas coming out doing a song and speaking about the issue easily. But are artist who have built their careers, brands and fan bases off of living a street life and having to carry a gun and using it as an everyday part of life willing to take a stand on such an important hot topic?


There was 16 major mass shootings in 2012 that where covered wildly by media and also the which seems to be never ending mass shootings that happen in the inner city ghettos everyday that dont get national attention


One thought on “Quick Thoughts: HipHop and Gun Violence

  1. this was a good start, but i think that if we are going to tackle such a hot button issue then we havve got to go a bit deeper. Nas made I GAVE YOU POWER this was an interesting gun song. I like how your presented the point that many in hip hop live precariously with a real life threat towards them on a daily basis and therefore need a gun. Many get robed and need protection plus there are a lot of crazies out there waiting to test people…this is an article i would like to do once again so we can rep this issue more in depth…this one is too important to pass up, there is too much money, power, votes and lives at stake.

    kaliym shabazz

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