Event Spot Light: Sharp With Art Group (Swag) “Paint Deep Art Exhibit” at the Peace House Creative Space written by Lissa Alicia

Paint Deep Art Exhibit

Lissa Alicia


Sketch by Cyril Bullard swagSharp With the Art Group (SWAG) came together with the Peace House Creative Space on the third Saturday in December to showcase a small portion of Philadelphia’s creative youth at the Paint Deep Art Exhibit. The first floor of the house was buzzing with good vibes and a strong respect for the next man or woman’s craft. In the upstairs lounge area good conversation and hookah were readily available.

SWAG has been around since 2009 with members hailing from both Philadelphia and New York City. With the idea that our country is ready for a “new artistic renaissance movement” the collective encourages the youth to express themselves through artistic mediums and a respect of worldwide cultures. SWAG not only promotes healthy youth expressions, but also uses their own creativity to reach people, this event being a prime example. The members of this group are photographers, painters, videographers and are available for bookings

The already bright and festive interior of the Peace House in the Brewerytown section of the city was even more eye catching with the bold paintings and sketches posted on the living room walls. Kira Dixon, who had a few pieces featured at the exhibit, has only been painting since April of 2012. “Everybody ask me that all the time, like ‘where did this painting come from?’ because I never really painted before. I never picked up a paintbrush, I don’t know where we got connected, but it feels like I have been painting forever.”

Along with works on canvas, Beyond 41 had their pastel colored, handmade tie-dyed sweatshirts for sale. Most of the styles, available in adult and child sizes, were adorned with studs and safety pins to provide more texture and appeal. I caught up with Jasmine, the 21 year old founder of Beyond 41. “I’ve been doing it for about 2 months now. I came up with the name on the bus, I thought about me being beyond my time, and I’m 21 so I thought put some years on it which made 41 and that’s how the name came. Then one day I bought sweatshirts and started tie-dying. I have been tie-dyeing for about 3 years and I had never done it for anyone but myself.” With plans to expand, there is much to anticipate from Jasmine and her custom apparel brand. “I am excited for the spring line; I get to do more colors. I haven’t thought about anything else I want to do yet. I always do it without thinking so I add something without really thinking. ‘Oh I really want to do this’ I’ll just do it and go. More inspiration would be just me trying to get better and trying to make the line bigger.

Visual artist were not the only ones who got their shine that nite. Dope lyricist were in full effect at Paint Deep. With the backdrop of Malcolm X inspired photography, a handful of MC’s took to the floor and gave their best or most humorous, over classic instrumentals. The cipher was quite welcoming; anyone could step up to be heard regardless of skill. Local collective Sap Sci Phi including Killa Kal, All Day Jay, and En Da Story, was in the building with their socially aware and hood relatable rhymes. “We make people aware of what is going on, a lot of injustices in the system. It seems like a lot of other Philly rappers, they cater to the status quo of rap. We try to stay away from that. We grew up in America we are going to have some type of anger.” Killa, Jay and Story all have very different individual lyrical styles ranging from the deeply conscious and thought provoking to braggadocious and bravado laced. “The way each of us paint a picture, we contrast on one another, but the main goal and main vision of the group is a constant figure. “We want yall to know we coming!”


All in all Paint Deep Art Exhibit was a great experience for artist, spectators, and artistic hearts alike. A sense of comradery and all around good vibes was consistently flowing the whole nite. The homemade vegan friendly food added to the hip homely vibe of the Peace House. Look forward to more events and work coming from both The Peace House Creative Space, Sharp With the Art Group, and featured artist.

Artist Contact Info

Beyond 41

Facebook: Jasmine Nelson



Kira Dixon


Sap Sci Phi

Twitters:@yeakilla87 @_alldeezy @endastory

Peace House Creative Space facebook



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