Kaliym Shabazz on the elections, HHPP & More


Veiws in this article are views of the writer and don’t directly reflect those of HHPP

Written By: Kaliym Shabazz
Edited By: M. Nikkie Victorious

With the historic 2012 presidential election completed and recorded in the books as a big win for the Obama administration and the Democratic Party, what is the next step forward for progressive people seeking mass change and improved socio-economic levels of life in today’s America? This is the question on the minds of all the people who put trust into a president who is seen by many as a savior of an underclass, yet one that has failed to fully connect with a struggling populace in terms of elevating it from the stagnant status quo of contemporary America.

Let’s face it, many in the world’s richest nation are moving towards a PERMANENT UNDERCLASS status. Unemployment in the African-American community is topping out at 14.3%, almost twice the national average of 7.9%. Hispanics hover around 10% also alarming, at a disproportionally high average. These numbers are unacceptable in communities long seeking to share in the American dream of economic progress and prosperity.

No doubt, on election night 2012, the black voters turned out in force with a 93% loyalty rate to bolster the Obama campaign, but will they get more bang for the buck? If not, how will they hold the administration accountable? Hispanics, who are often coupled with Blacks statistically in categories of detriment, have overwhelmingly supported the campaign at a 71% clip. They have many quality of life issues presently, and must keep a close eye on Washington to ensure promises are being kept and progress is being made. The hip hop generation is often times represented by the youth in an 18-29% demographic, making up a growing 19% of the electoral that supported Obama’s 60% figure. What are the expectations of this populace, and what is the outcome of more broken promises of a system that has failed them in the past.

NO question, the demographics of a nation is being changed progressively. Asians, who hold the lowest unemployment rate of only 4.9%, well below the national average, gave the president 73% approve in the ballot box, thus serving as the second largest ethnicity to back the historic campaign. This figure seemed to shatter the republican challenger Mitt Romney’s ascertain that Obama was put in office by a populace of false entitlement. The evidence suggests that it was a coalition of groups, including women who came together to challenge the hold on Washington politics and sustain the administration for four more years. The people united to prove the power of diversity in a nation. This new found power must be utilized to progress the nation forwards or it becomes another wasted effort in the people quest for freedom, justice and prosperity.

The HIP HOP PARTY has recognized the power of a focused, united people, and has a new vision of inclusion in the decision making proceedings for the choices that seriously affect our people. THE HIP HOP PARTY is working towards releasing the 2 party strangle hold that stagnates the political process on all levels. Issues that affect us as a culture can no longer be ignored. November 6th 2012 proved that a unified people with a vision can be victorious. Step by step, people are moving towards a new imagery of an American mainstream. In reality, a changing electorate should bring a change in the conditions people face, as different wants and needs are addressed. THE HIP HOP PARTY has noticed the opportunity to capitalize on contemporary demographic. Now, not only the nation’s many ethnicities, but the hip hop nation as a whole has matured enough to have a seat at the table of power.

Hip hop is generating mega dollars and attention in the worlds of entertainment and fashion, effects the way people sing, dance, act, speak, dress and now even the way people vote. Hip hop has a long history of registering people to vote outside our culture, but now the time has come for us to do for self. How many are tired of waiting for another man to be doing what we should be doing for ourselves. THE HIP HOP PARTY has taken the reigns into our own hands to address the issues that affect our community. Having had the experience of running candidates such as Pili X for the office of city council as a write in, for the 2011 elections in Philadelphia. The HHPP Is now looking to expand on that experience. Moving from a grassroots level and building alliances with likeminded people in order to build a “coalition of the heart” which cuts across race, gender, sexuality, religion, class, nationality or any other division which separates the people from working together for the common good of us all. The HIP HOP PARTY, just like the culture as a whole, is uniting people for the benefit of all. Concentrating on 6 areas of focus to tackle the problems afflicting our communities, THE HIP HOP PARTY is moving in a new direction in a new era of political awareness in this nation and around the world. Mobilizing and educating people so that no longer will we the people be intimidated by the political process as we have become part of that process, bringing the we the people ideal of the constitution to life.

Being aware of the hard work and commitment that is required to become successful in the political arena the members of the hip hop party have established regular political workshops at 652 Ridge avenue, in the city of Philadelphia, where all are welcome to partake in the process to make a change in the community. This is the foundation of a movement formed with the intent of educating the youth, empowering the community, housing the homeless, bridging the unemployed towards jobs, bringing the reforms needed to keep that American dream alive for many without true vision and hope. Together in the spirit of unity and co-operation we can achieve God willing what many thought was impossible. Join us in building a better tomorrow, it is time to give back and get what is really ours.

Contact THE HIP HOP PARTY on facebook www.facebook.com/VoteHipHop
Leave your contact information in the space provided below this article if you would like to hear more about the happenings of this new direction for Hip HOP or would like to be a part of the movement to achieve where others have fallen short before. In the name of Hip Hop, peace.
Written By: Kaliym Shabazz
Edited By: M. Nikkie Victorious


24 thoughts on “Kaliym Shabazz on the elections, HHPP & More

  1. Peace Kaliym. I read your piece on the Hip Hop Party. It was thoughtful and well written. Personally, I see the Obama administration as a cynical manipulation of the hopes and dreams of people of all colours who seek positive change, equal rights and justice for all. It has been that from the very beginning. Without getting into the CIA roots of his family, or his days as Barry Sotero, I think we can agree at this point that the man should be ashamed of himself. In truth, he is little more than a teleprompter-reading puppet. Sad but true. Aside from its symbolic and propaganda value, his skin colour is of no real significance in practical terms as he has already demonstrated that he has absolutely zero allegiance to the interests and struggle of people of colour. I’m sure you understand what I’m talking about here, so I won’t continue with the thousands of examples demonstrating that the current POTUS is a sham, a liar, a disappointment and a failure. Just like every president before him…… I like the idea of a Hip Hop Party and I think it might have many positive effects. I have, however, come to believe that there is no such thing as a legitimate ruling class – whether elected or not. The philosophical principle being that no one EVER has the right to compel other people to do their bidding, through violence or threats of violence. Violence is only morally defensible as direct self-defense, as in a situation where one is experiencing a direct physical assault – or defending a child or otherwise defenseless person from direct physical assault/ violent aggression. This principle does not apply on a metaphorical level, and vengeance or pre-emptive attacks are immoral as well, I believe. So being committed to the principal of non-aggression, as I am, I am not one who seeks to replace the current ruling class with another one that I think would be more just rational, or what have you. Rather, I will use all non-aggressive means of expression available to convince others that any person who would seek to rule over other people who do not consent to being ruled, to impose their rule through threats and aggression, is an immoral person who should be opposed. Doesn’t matter how many votes they get, how nice their speech is, or how fancy their uniform is. Still wrong. The right of all people to free and voluntary association, to be free from violence and aggression of any kind, is primary. Peace.

  2. stop waiting for a man to come along and do for us what we should be doing for ourselves. This statement is so true and totally inspiring. hip hop is a popular genre for social criticism (and some less savoury topics that undermine the credibility) and it makes sense to unite people towards a political involvement using a medium they are already united by. I am canadian and have no contribution to american elections. but I would love to see more power in the hands of my peers

  3. I am glad that Hip Hop is something that can be shared internationally. It is not always forward thought but when it is I believe it reinforces a lot of positive change. Our minds although our own are often altered or tempted by the media, by lyrics in music, by what we are shown day after day. That IS power, and Hip Hop is part of that power. Politically speaking, it would stand to reason that that person or collective group have to understand the true power of music and conscious thought itself. They have to understand the way the world works, and not only represent one race, but all races. If this party is going towards a global angle, trying to represent as one People, with many cultures. I can stand behind it.

  4. Great article Kaliym, now to get the message out to larger masses and get them moving. It is inevitable unl;ess there is a larger awakening to this.

  5. This is a cool article. I would like to share an acronym that I created for HIP HOP:{ He In Position Helps Our People}. I believe music has a message. The oppressor has been working to decrease the vibrations of our spiritual song. We are a people of God. We have a long journey into reaching our full potential and ability. Thoughts like this one will help us prevail. The oppressor plans for 100s of years. We need to determine the best curriculum for our youth, teach our children to build, and become dependent upon ourselves for food, and rely on ourselves to handle our own affairs. What you are doing here is a fine way to get the ball rolling. So people can express ideas to elevate the RACE. God bless us all!!


  6. This is a cool article. I would like to share an acronym that I created for HIP HOP:{ He In Position Helps Our People}. I believe music has a message. The oppressor has been working to decrease the vibrations of our spiritual song. We are a people of God. We have a long journey into reaching our full potential and ability. Thoughts like this one will help us prevail. The oppressor plans for 100s of years. We need to determine the best curriculum for our youth, teach our children to build, and become dependent upon ourselves for food, and rely on ourselves to handle our own affairs. What you are doing here is a fine way to get the ball rolling. So people can express ideas to elevate the RACE. God bless us all!!

  7. Well written Kaliym.Good to know that you have not forgotten great MC’s like Rakim and KRS-One.I could tell you have learned a lot since the last I seen you in the flesh. Be encouraged and write positive things.I look forward to reading other stuff from you.Stay positive and focused.

  8. Greetings Son of Shabazz,

    I just read your Hip Hop Party for the People piece. It is well balanced and dutifully shows that this platform is an alternative to the stagnation of the American political system. Except for one thing. It will never work. It cannot. The powers at be will not allow it. They are where they are because of their theft and deception. They will not simply allow themselves to be voted out of office on something based on the principles of democracy.

    You spoke of the Federal level of government in the United States. While the people “think” they voted for Obama, they really did not. The Electoral College did. According to wikipedia “The United States Electoral College is the institution that officially elects the President and Vice President of the United States every four years. The President and Vice President are not elected (emphasis mine) directly by the voters. Instead, they are elected by “electors” who are chosen by popular vote on a state-by-state basis”. So while African-Americans overwhelmingly rallied one-another to vote for Barak Obama, they really didn’t.

    The wool has been pulled over the eyes of Americans: Black, White and others. They think the President in a role that is familiar to their experiences, like a retail supervisor, that they can ask for when they require better customer service. KRS ONE said it best “Barack is like the manager of Burger King. All Presidents are, including Bush. It’s like this: when your fries are cold, your burger’s not done right, you go back to Burger King “America” or your “Government”, and you say, “My burger’s cold! I want new fries!” First, you go to the cashier. That’s the “courts”. You argue to the courts. The courts if you can’t get justice with the cashier, you say “Let me see the manager! I wanna go to the Supreme Court! I wanna see the President!” The manager comes out. “Hi. What can I do for you?” Now the manager can override the decisions of the cashier, but you never get to see the FRANCHISE OWNER of Burger King. If you really have a problem with your burger, you need to go see the franchise owner! We need to go to the top… or to the bottom. We need to go to where the real architecture of government is, and it’s NOT in a President! It’s in a GLOBAL SCHEME!” I took this quote from “The Obama Deception: The Mask Comes Off” a 2009 documentary. Perhaps you have seen it, or if not then see it?

    Further, while America spends much time and money promoting to her citizens and the denizens of the rest of the world, that she is some great bastion of democracy she is not. America is about as democratic as I am the Pope of Rome. There is no real choice in American politics, whether Republic or Democrat, Libertarian or Tea Party, they are all different facets of the same Hydra. Cut of one head and another two will grow in its place. By adding to the political spectrum a more colourful choice, will not affect real change. It is akin to applying a bandage to a broken leg. A medical approach but not the approach that is needed. In fact this system is not broken it was designed that way. It is not moving a many people to a permanent underclass it is only moving MORE of them there. To give the people a true choice you cannot do it within the confines of the present political system. The entire system has to be down away with, not amended. But eradicated. Audre Lorde said it best in her essay of the same name “The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House”. In other words the same political machine that feeds on oppression cannot be expected to sire emancipation.

    Yes, Hip-Hop generates money for this elite. Probably more than any other recent musical genre however, it alone will not free the masses. The America dream of the “rags to riches” is rooted in the belief that being rich is the same as being happy falsehood. However, it does not speak to the cost of being rich is dependent on someone else being poor. There is a finite amount of resources on this finite planet. To “get more” you have to have someone else “get less”. Not to mention it does not approach the reality that their dream was the indigenous peoples’ nightmare. To put it another way, to have a dominator culture means there has to be a dominated culture. To want the American Dream is to collude with, emulate through and thus perpetuate the status quo. Free the minds of the people, not reproduce the system by adopting their political complex. Bob Marley sang “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds” in Redemption Song. Malcolm X said we needed a “psychic conversion” which meant “…black folks work on decolonizing the mind, consciously taking steps to unlearn white supremacist thinking”. Lastly, the Bible shows in Romans 12:2 “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” All speak to the truth we have to think differently not just offer another choice WITHIN the same system of this hierarchy of evil.

    In conclusion, I vote and have been doing so since I turned 18 in this country. I do it as I acknowledge that my African ancestry fought and died for this privilege. That when others wanted universal suffrage they did not include my people in their universe. However, I do not for a second believe my vote with affect real, positive and lasting change. Even if some say I should choose the lesser of two evils, it still means that evil is chosen. So whether we Rock the Vote or Rap the Vote, it is still enclosed in the system that will continues the false “us vs. them dichotomy”. Even in Canada, with its 5 party-system of politics, replaces the false choices with more false choices. But what is the REAL difference between the Conservative or Liberal or New Democrat or Bloc Quebecois or Green Party? There is none. It is the equivalent of asking someone whether they want to get kicked with the right foot or the left. bell hooks wrote “…it is obvious that white supremacists would promote ignoring psychological decolonization in favour of a focus on economic [or political]. Sharing a small bit of the … pie has not undermined imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy. Quite the opposite has occurred.”

  9. The Electoral College picks who wins,votes just show the popularity ratings n polls lies.Great start though,they now we get what we want eventailly and every movement jumps behind after.Thats why they made Obama decades ago

  10. hip hope hip hotep the party is a way to bridging that gap and aiding the youth. We as a hip hop nation are the youth and we are also now growing into a position of responsibility. The money used to be there and is drying up we cant take it for granted anymore this is the 1 year in 55 that they hasn’t been a number 1 record by and African American artist, I once remember when 7 or 8 of the top ten where hip hop seriously now we can even get soul or R&B so we are going backwards,, the time is now don’t take it all for granted,, represent vote hip hop

  11. “instead of blaming the youth, help them to succeed” this has been a major problem generation after generation….the older generation can do nothing but criticize the younger generation….and the younger generation is forced to make their way blindly down their path of life…this older generation is the one that must break that destructive and cruel cycle…if you can offer no word of encouragement, then maintain a vow of silence

  12. THANK YOU FOR FORMING A NEW PARTY….IT’S A SHINING STAR IN THE AMERICAN MIDNIGHT…this is the first time since the 60s that a younger generation has had the courage to forsake the pied pipers of Hollywood and Madison Ave. and concentrate on the real issues that are making life hell for a new generation which is YOU! The only hope is groups like yours that pointing the way of the temple of the Democrat/Republican two headed monster party. Pointing the way out for those that have the moral courage to leave….Considering how an older generation has just about destroyed your futures by squandering your inheritance; that older generation at the very least owes you their collective support and encouragement as you break a new trail for the future……

  13. If you vote in the next election…then go 3rd party….support the legitimacy of 3rd parties that are working for the people and the country whether you agree with their policies or not….the democrat/republican party is bankrupt both morally and ideologically….3rd parties are the only hope…support their rise: https://www.facebook.com/VoteHipHop

  14. hip hope hip hotep i wrote this some time ago to drum up support for the party, i am not seeing this as a gateway to other pages, and people becoming more involved this is what i would like to see as we rep,, remember the slogan HIP HOP VOTES this is why we represent if we are going to get taxed, lets unify as there is strength in numbers and have platinum records to register mad heads to bolster the party,, i was seeing some people with good comments i would like to see more, so tell your friends if you think this is a good idea, hip hope hip hotep, this is also a test to show that comments can but put up that easy,, umsayin

  15. Voting isn’t the correct way to go if u want a revolution it should be a complete revolution not a half ass liberal “revolution” the complete destruction of the system with a well thought out economy based on the needs and not the wants of people

  16. I really like the idea of this movement. It sounds like something that can go far and have an impact on the world but im not too sure it can be done through the current system of control and power. But i feel that if it can bring ppl together and they stick to the core principals it might be able to bring us out from under this state of oppression. But we need something bigger than a political party. We need a revolution.

  17. Great article Kaliym. I would support the HHPP as a get-out-the-vote measure within the American Democratic Party or the Canadian NDP or Liberals, as there are many millions of 18-30 year olds who do not vote and feel alienated from the political process in general. As a shrewd political tactician, I understand that any vote that could have gone Democratic (or NDP/Liberal) and did not instead emboldens our direct ideological opponents, the Republicans (or Conservatives) and must not be encouraged. I do not believe all parties are corrupt. I believe in winning, and every vote counts toward that goal.

  18. @bessie economy
    thank you for the insight the HHPP is working hard to do exactly what you mentioned. At this time in North Philly we have a location which is called “Peace Park” The Peace Park is a community garden which has feed over 1000 ppl. The garden is maintained by a army of youth, local community, HHPP, and Philadelphia coalition of the heart. We have been teaching youth how to plant and grow food.

    our latest project is building a “EarthShip” which will act as a school house for the young people. Look out for a write up about it once it is compete mid/end of Nov

  19. People planning to enter the political arena need to know what arena they are in, its a corporate shark tank with corporations that pay for politicians and legislation, what is your plan to end such corruption,to keep corporations and rich individuals from pluting the arena andmaking the same sell out politics to proceed. Lastly i love the idea of a hip hopparty andpossibilly having some of our greats become part of the process, the KRS-Ones, the Rakin Allah’s, RZA GZA etc, but in that love i dont lose site of the fact that this country is turning into a land of land-less people, that are increasingly being subjugated by big corporations and losing the rights to even be able to live, let alond ,grow build and defend them selves. This party if in power in Philadelphia should be looking to address these very basic necessities with more than just legislation and speeches but practical solutions like urban gardening, local raw materials and products development, and the uplifting of a local collective economy.

  20. Great article Kaliym, and great points Bessie! I feel that at times the Government has their hands tied, even if they wanted to help they can’t stop the slide. Tycoons run the Country not politicians, maybe at one point they did but not anymore and especially not since the u.s. is nearly bankrupt. The Government is no more a slave to it’s higher power than the people are to it’s Government. The people need to stick together, we need to start looking at things differently and how we go about things differently. I like how you stated we are always waiting for someone to do something we could be doing ourselves. We have the ability to work together and it has been shown to be a very powerful tool. Be the change you wish to see, don’t take silence for an answer. Make waves and help others.

  21. HIP HOPE HIP HOTEP this is a great article,, dated but on point as there is mad info there to guide people what i got from it was that OBAMA got more that just the black vote as hispanics and Asian minorities where down like that, Asians more than hispanics and they are in the best position in america in finance and solastics and are not subjected to the cultural genoside of prison, so why they support him, plus young people who will give brand loyalty for years to come and women are turning away from the white male establishment,,, the rep party is over i see that and this is the proof, the people united have not been defeated, and that is the key to the new aged president but he is losing this appeal so now who will we turn too, the artice suggests the hip hop party what do you think,,,

  22. It is also interesting that the age group 18-29 ….60% voted for Obama. This is what Obama (and every Obama) and the Hip Hop Party (and every political party worldwide) should focus on….. this age group is going to be the one who will ultimately suffer the most in the end. As the USA and other countries move into a “permanent underclass” (I agree) the youth is already suffering with high unemployment ….i.e. North Africa 27.9%, Spain, 55% Greece 53%, Middle East 26.5% etc. The world is facing a worsening youth employment crisis: young people are three times more likely to be unemployed than adults and over 75 million youth worldwide are looking for work. The ILO (International Labour Organization) has warned of a “scarred” generation of young workers facing a dangerous mix of high unemployment, increased inactivity and precarious work in developed countries, as well as persistently high working poverty in the developing world…..something else to think about.

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