Pili X thoughts on Ross & Jeezy


The beef between Rick Ross and Jeezy & 50 Cent and Gunplay is the talk of hiphop on every major web/blog site. With all parties involved being major influences in hiphop. I think that many are not taking advantage of this unfortunate events. They are missing the opportunity to engage in a real conversation and talk real solutions.
I can only thing about how the media made the BiG vs PAC East vs West beef much more than what it actually was

“fuck that beef shit, that shit played out”- Notorious B.I.G

The media wants things like this to happen to get viewers or hits. Not knocking any media outlets for trying to eat but the last thing hiphop needs is two or three of its biggest stars really take it pass just
records. And really take it to the streets.

“Get money leave the beef alone” – Nas

Every one on social media we have to be careful how we promote this type of thing. Because while its entertaining us. We are just adding fuel to the fire just like we did when the media made a beef between two if our most beloved brothers a east vs west war.

“Beef is not what J said to Nas, Beef is when the working class can’t find jobs”- Mos Def


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