HHPP Statement on BET HipHop Awards Violence



Statement of the HHPP on the Violence At BET Awards

In response to the violence sparked from rumored “Beef” at the 2012, BET Hip Hop music Awards, the Hip Hop Party for the People (HHPP) calls for cooler heads to prevail. We all know that having disagreements is just a reality of life and no matter who you are, our ego’s sometimes cause our emotions to boil over. It happens to the best of us, however, the HHPP appeals to all parties concerned, to seek efforts of reconciliation (personally and publicly).

Let’s just keep it all the way real, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross and the many others who are famed rap stars, are cultural leaders and serious big business men and woman, who are very influential! We must be better about acknowledging the reality of the current state of urgency, to be more responsible and consciously in control of the very emotions that allow us to express ourselves in a way that captures the attention and touches the hearts of people all around this planet. We all must strive to be better every day for the sake of civilization. Yes, it’s that real.

Your family loves you and the youth of the world love you beautiful brothers and are studying your every move. We will always support your growth because we look to you all for not just entertainment but inspiration as well. We love to see you guys shine, we love to see you winning and we’ll continue to stand by you. The HHPP encourages all of our gifted brothers and sisters to decide to be even more courageous by personally accepting the responsibility of giving positive guidance in service to a brighter future for yourselves and all of us who are with you supporting and rooting you on with every endeavor you present to us. You have the mic and you have our attention, give us the real. Teach the babies to be wise show them how to rise, not fall. Continue to grow towards mastering your mind and be in control of yourselves. Keep it business and keep it positive with your peers and if that doesn’t work than lets just keep it moving. Stay focused on your path.

With Love

The Hip Hop Party for the People (HHPP)


3 thoughts on “HHPP Statement on BET HipHop Awards Violence

  1. i absolutely agree limit the negitivity increase the positivity, look at yourself before judging others… We are all human so be the best human u can be! lifes too short to get so easily offended…

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