HipHop Party Statement on Africa


Hip Hop Party For the People on Africa

Africa’s Contribution to Humanity
Africa is the mother of all civilization. Some of the earliest contributions in mathematics, science, astronomy, medicine, architecture, and many other disciplines have come right out of “Mother” Africa. Due to centuries of European colonialism and racism the many treasures that Africa has to offer was ignored.
Those who colonized the continent knew the tremendous wealth of skill, knowledge and natural resources Africa had to offer and benefitted tremendously in utilizing these fruits to build their countries into world super powers. Meanwhile the masses of people were taught Africa was backwards and a dead land of savagery and barbarism.
Thanks to the African anti-colonial liberation movements of the 20th century, anthropological discoveries, and extensive scholarly works from scholars like Chiekh Anta Diop, WEB DuBois, Ivan Van Sertima and others, the truth about Africa’s role in human history is no longer a mystery.
The Present State of Africa
With all of the glory of Africa’s past, the great African people remain highly poor in countries that are still underdeveloped. Diseases such as HIV/AIDS and malaria plague the continent. Corrupt governments and tribal wars instigated by foreign interests has been a common feature in Africa since the liberation movements in the 60’s and 70’s.
The contradiction between Africa’s large deposits of rich untapped natural resources including diamonds, petroleum, gold, and other minerals used in today’s technology and the vast poverty rate is mind blowing to the observer. Multi-national corporations continue to suck Africa of all her wealth only to leave the people without in their own homeland.
The Rise of Africa
Yet through all the pain “Mama” Africa has suffered the strength of the invincible African masses is still intact fighting for the end of the thievery that’s been going on for centuries. From the protests of the Egyptian people for democracy to the resistance of South African miners against terrible working conditions, and the great work of Chernoh Alpha M Bah and the African Socialist Movement in Sierra Leone there is a feeling of a new direction for Africa in the coming years.

The HHPP and African Unity
The Hip Hop Party for the People is active in an international dialogue and network of activists and organizations from Africa and the Diaspora calling for unity in work and support for each other struggles. This network is important because in Africa and abroad the effects of racism is still well and alive. Only through our unification will we be able to combat and end the problems of racism effectively.
The Hip Hop Party for the People supports and encourages the masses of the many African nations in their struggle for self determination, independence, and true democracy. We hope that the many governments in Africa strive to fix the many problems in Africa including improving the living conditions of the masses, improving access to quality healthcare, raising the quality of education to help produce African engineers, scientists and professionals of many disciplines that will help Africa revive its place as an economic, political, and cultural powerhouse that it once was in her glorious past.
In the words of the great African leader Kwame Nkrumah “Freedom is not something that one people can bestow on another as a gift. They claim it as their own and none can keep it from them.”


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