Thoughts On Social Media


This hasn’t been edited so if you see grammar mistakes judge me
Hand held technology and social media has had a major affect on public social behavior and interaction in public spaces. I’m guessing the saying “it’s a small world” has been around for a while. Social media has made it even smaller. When out and I’m looking at my twitter TL and I see people passing almost everyone has their head buried in there phone. Most likely on one of the many social media sites.

If we are always talking on our phones, head buried , in phones, or have our head phones on. We might be missing out on opportunities to interact with people. We are focusing much more on whats going on in our hand instead of the things around us. Hand held technology, social media, and the thousands of apps has impacted every day life and our ability to meet and deal with strangers.

Every one has a iPhone, Android, or Blackberry so we don’t need pay phones on every Conner any more. If your life depended on finding a pay phone your chances don’t look don’t to good. People don’t have house phones and answering machines anymore either. Theres no need for them now days when every one has a cell phone. Social media has made it easier to meet too.

We have the ability to communicate with people in other cities, states, countries in a matter of seconds. Some of us are loosing basic communicating skills because of this.

I’m a artist and have gone back to writing my songs by hand. Because there was a period of months where I didn’t pick up a pen to write, I was writing everything in my phone. Then tried to write and had trouble Because it had been so long since I wrote anything by hand. I got so used to doing everything in my phone.

There are a lot of positives like meeting new people on twitter, Instagram, Tumblr. Puts you one follow away from the world. We don’t have to waste time writing letters, or even calling people. Just say what you need to say through a social network.

Things that the media was slow to pick up on sites like twitter and tumblr let the world know. The up rising in Egypt went viral. Real people who were not journalist where giving the rest of the world the raw and uncut happenings and updates on the ground. We stayed up to date with last years Occupy movement through twitter and face back. When cities started shutting occupy camps down we found out first from social media. we see the power of social sites when it comes to change in the case of Trayvon Martin where Millions of people spoke about what happen and showed support. Thousands of people organized marches through twitter and Facebook around the case. And the same in the case if Troy Davis and Kony 2012 millions of people talking and organizing around these issues


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