Former Philadelphia City Council Candidate leads new Political Party-Philly Stand Up

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Former Philadelphia City Council Candidate leads new Political Party 

Philly Stand Up! Presents ‘Be the Change’ Youth Walk.

 By Christopher “Flood the Drummer®” Norris
 Former City Council candidate Pili X, who ran in last November’s City Council election as a write in candidate, has found a new position as the President of ‘The Hip Hop Party for the People’ – a newly found political party that uses hip-hop and its culture to engage and educate young people.
“I believe that many of our elected officials are not working in the best interest of the people of Philadelphia,” states Pili X, a musician, writer and self-proclaimed “cultural influencer” in his personal statement on “In addition, the people of Philadelphia deserve to have a voice in City politics – and that voice has been ignored for too long by politicians who only show face when they are campaigning for votes and signatures.”
Today ‘The Hip Hop Party for the People’ sponsored the first installment of Philly Stand Up! ™ ‘Be the Change’ Youth Walk, a collaborative initiative to encourage the youth movements for positivity, self awareness and social change. Organized by National Coordinator Keturah Caesar aka Ms. K, the walk began inside Love Park at 11am with guest speakers and performances and traveled to Broad & Erie for a block party and awards ceremony.
“This movement is really about providing political education to the masses, bringing in new leaders and young revolutionaries into the political system and implementing new policies and procedures. We want more youth to join in, we welcome them with open doors,” says Ms. K.
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Thanks for reading. Until next time, I’m Flood the Drummer® & I’m Drumming for JUSTICE!

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