Leah Is Missing

Source New Haven Independent
Leah Jackson, 15, has been missing since July 28. Her mother is looking for help finding her.

Shara Muhammad, Leah’s mom, described her daughter (pictured) as 5 feet tall, 105 pounds, with light brown skin and pink highlights in her hair. She was last seen wearing a multi-colored tank-top and dark blue “skinny jeans.” She often goes by “Leah Carmela,” her mom said.

Muhammad said someone picked Leah up from her house in Fair Haven Heights late on Saturday July 28 and she hasn’t seen her since. She said she suspects she was picked up by an man in his 20s whom she was seeing, named “Johnny.”

Since her disappearance, Leah’s Facebook account has been deleted, Muhammad said. “There’s no trace of her. We can’t find her anywhere. We’ve got a cold trail. She would never just leave and not contact me at all.”

Muhammad said she has filed a report with the police and put up flyers around town.

“It takes every bit of your soul to just hold yourself together,” she said. “Inside it’s eating me apart not knowing.”

Anyone with information about Leah’s whereabouts can contact Muhammad at (203) 435-8486.




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