Thoughts On Living

Thoughts On Living by Pili X

We should put more energy, time effort into the pursuit of happiness. The pursuit of making our dreams reality. Finding our passions and making a living from them. The motto YOLO you only live once can work for everyday people not just the rich and wealthly, who can do what ever they want because they have the money. We althen use our lack of money as an excuse for not living life to the fullest. I think the secret to the motto YOLO when it comes to everyday people is making the best and most of what you have.

We all have the potential to do great things, be great, and live great lives. It’s all a matter of turning that potential into actual results. Giving it all you got day in and day out. Everyday until you reach the place you want to be. Your never too young never too old because dreams and inspirations never sleep. Just remember time waits for nothing.





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