Philly Stand Up August 25

Greetings neighbor!

Philly Stand Up! is a new committee of area youth led-groups, clergy, and community organizations that work with the city’s youth and their families to overcome histories of poverty, despair and to gain hope for the future. We have come together for the purpose of holding a major youth walk on Broad St. Saturday August 25th 2012 to bring together the citys youth for social awareness, positive development and success.Our main message for Philly Stand Up! is “BE THE CHANGE YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE IN THE WORLD”

The objectives of this walk are to:
1.encourage the youth led-movement for positivity, self-awareness and social change
2. raise resources for area organizations which serve the youth in areas of mentoring,
education and wellness
3. discourage violence, hopelessness and despair among the youth and general public
with a optimistic message
4. highlight the positive contribution of the city’s youth led-organizations. 

Participating groups include:

1.Jr Music Executive

2.Beat Rhymes and Life Multimedia and Peer Mentoring Program(BRL)














16. TeamRevolution



19. RawstiemFamily


21.Philadelphia Community Institute of Africana Studies

22.Above Average

23.Hea tWaveInc

25. Ancestral Movements.

26. Raw Stein Family

27. Caution Community Youth Drum Line Band.

 The event will feature a Youth and Community Walk that begins at Love Park at 15th and JFK and ends at Broad and Erie. Following the Walk, we plan to have an awards ceremony, food and drink, along with musical performances and vendor booths for our sponsors. We expect a large number of youth and community walkers at this inaugural Walk for Change.  We ask that you consider joining us as a Walk endorser and partner with us in an effort to show a united community effort regarding the health and well-being of our city’s
youth.  Please attend our meetings on
Wednesday August 15th , Wednesday August 22nd from 6-8pmand Friday August 24th from1-3pm@1652RidgeAve). If you have any questions about Philly Stand Up! Be The Change Youth Walk or please don’t hesitate to contact Keturah Caesar at 267-237-5127 or at

We look forward to a positive and revolutionary event for our entire community.

Sincerely ,

Brother Tommy Joshua

Philly Stand Up Committee

Thank you for your time





4 thoughts on “Philly Stand Up August 25

  1. Hey Nafis, come check us out tomorrow 8/15 (1652 Ridge Avenue, 6-8pm) to find out more about the Hip Hop Party for the People + Philly Stand Up! Be the change Youth Walk. We’re looking for artist to get involved.

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