Recap: The Political Hot Spot on Youth Leadership and Activism

Peace everyone,

Our third Hip Hop Party Political Hot Spot (PHS) on Youth Leadership and Activism in America panel was phenomenon! The young Philadelphia ambassadors such as Dollar Boyz Inc, New Money Entertainment, Cool Kidz Juniors, ATM, Team Revolution, The Philadelphia Youth Commissioners Office, RawStein Family and BRL Nation were all participants of PHS. Terell Glover, P.E .Director of The Hip Hop Party for the People moderated the panel of teens 18 and under. What does activism mean to you? “Activism starts in your mind, you have to inform your mind.” Participant Rosie. What role has Twitter, Facebook & Instagam play in the success of organizing? And What are the limitations? “FaceBook can be use to spread a message about non violence or just getting the word out about whatever you do”.Chuck of ATM. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can also be used to start fights and beef with other groups” Rich Stackz of New Money. The youth all had progressive and revolutionary responses for the need to see social change in today’s society. The Hip Hop Party for the People put forth this forum to challenge the Status Quo stereotypes of black & urban teenagers as thugs and criminals but more importantly to encourage the youth leadership and activism in their everyday affairs.

PHS are political education forums for the community to have open dialogue on social issues in education, art, politics and culture. Please check out the first 45 minutes on Live Stream

The Hip Hop Party for the People believe there’s no investment more important to make than the investment in the well-being and cultivation of our children and youth. This event was in support of the Philly Stand Up! Be The Change Broad Street Walk which is happening on August 25th. For more details click the link.



Keturah Caesar


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