Kimmah Caesar speaks to the Philadelphia Youth about the Don’t Get Burned writing campaign.

Hip2Know #dontgetburned is accepting one page essays, raps, and poems on this campaign

Hi, My name is Kimmah. 

I’m twelve years old and this is my speech on #dontgetburned.

About three weeks ago, My Aunt informed me about this #dontgetburned campaign that she is a part of. She (Keturah Caesar) asked me to write a one-page essay to recognize how I feel about this Philadelphia fast spreading outbreak.

I feel like you and your parents should be informed on WHAT you’re doing with WHO, WHERE you’re doing it and WHY. This campaign is what is desperately needed in Philadelphia. There are children, teenagers, and adults who are sexually active and have no idea what STDs even mean or how you get them.

Just because you’re 12-14 doesn’t mean you cannot catch any disease from sex. And its not just diseases, you can become pregnant or even worse die if you do catch a deadly disease. Hip2Know #dontgetburned should be in every school for 6-12th graders that’ll give them a reason to get on Twitter not just for gossiping. Also most kids (including me) DO care about what’s going on with the community. We, the African American Children and Teenagers need to be informed. We are in need desperately to know what’s going on. Because this isn’t just ” Adult Business” anymore, it’s everyone’s business to get tested and be aware. If you or anyone else are sexually active, let them know about the Hip2Know campaign. It could save yours and someone else’s life. Thanks.


The Hip2Know Campaign is in support of the Philly Stand Up! Be The Change Youth Walk. For more information please check out the link


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