Since 2007, Philadelphia has been high on the statistics bar for homicides. We as citizens of this city know that violence and crime are rampant especially among the urban youth. PeaceNPhilly are one of the progressive movements that are taking action around violence. Would u like to help stop violence and senseless murders?? PeaceNPhilly isn’t just something to say it’s a movement that the city needs. Statistics show that there have already been 188 homicides in 2012. Philly is also ranked 3rd out of 50 states for high African American murder rates. The violence in the city has taken a lot of innocent lives, & people are afraid to go out. This is the city of brotherly love and we most restore the love and Peace. Everyday someone is losing a close friend or family member due to violence and this must be stopped!! On July 19th, 2012, PeaceNPhilly will be holding a public Town Hall meeting at Love Park (15th and JFK) ,6pm to discuss issues around violence. Guest speakers and performances by Dollar Boyz ,along with free give of PeaceNPhilly shirts. We’re looking forward to seeing you & getting your opinion about what can be done to reduce violence at our Town hall meeting.

Please spread the word. For more information please follow @PeaceNPhilly on twitter


Keturah Caesar


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