North Philly Peace Park

Peace! The Philadelphia Coalition of the Heart, PCOH and allies had the pleasure of turning the 2400th block of Bolton (one block up from 24th and Jefferson) abandon lot into a community garden. Spinach, mint, raspberries, lavender, rhubarb and okra were all planted!Every third Sunday of the month PCOH, Occupy Vacant Lots and community residents will be out there cleaning the lot.

Our first grand opening was on April 29th, where the neighbors, artists, youth and activist helped with cleaning, gardening and watering of the plants. Workshops was free to the community on health+wellness by sister Marina Olukuni, healthy smoothies, by Brother Heru-Ta, and Alkaline water by Miciah Sims. Artist had the pleasure of demonstrating Capoiera by Ancestral Movements, Street Dance by New Money Entertainment, Drumming by Brother Levi Joynes, guest speaker Brother Tommy Joshua and DJ doodles one the 1’s and 2’s. Every fourth Sunday of the month, PCOH will have garden parties open to the communities. We welcome everyone to join us!


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