The Political Hot Spot is a event series presented by The Hip Hop Party for the People (HHPP). On Thursday April 26 the series continued with LET’S TALK PAPER a panel and discussion about Social Entrepreneurship & Business Enterprises. Featuring eight young business owners, The panel took place at Black and Nobel Book Store in Philadelphia.

Panelist included
Curran J (Kings Rule Together), Paul T. Jackson (SFX Networx), Rashuan Williams (Phresh Philly), Danielle P. Jeter (Affiars Of Isis), Tyree “Top Dollar” Dumas (Dollar Boyz Inc), Gregory James (Seven G Graphics), Dereck Rouse (Ma’at International) and was moderated by Rell Stylez (Chief Political Strategist HHPP).

In front of a crowd of about 25-30 people the panelist talked about there obstacles in starting there brands, how to be and stay successful, normal Entrepreneurship vs social Entrepreneurship and much more. The Hip Hop party also presented and released it Economic statement at this event.


Hip Hip party members and panelist Bottom roll left to right: Rashuan Williams, Paul “Frosty” Jackson, Curran J

Middle roll left to right: Dereck Rouse, Danielle p Jeter, Tyree”Top Dollar” Dumas, Rell Stylez, Pili X, Sgt. Robert Allen Mansfield, Terell Glover, Keturah Ceasar

Top roll: Gregory James


‘when your doing a start up company you may not necessarily have the founds to pay everybody”- Danielle p Jeter

“You got to know how you want your business to roll, you got to know those numbers”-Gregory James


“My biggest obstacle was people believing in me and beautifully declining me”- Rashuan Williams

“The whole propose is to spend money fast to get stuff you need, but its not to spend it on stupid stuff”-Dereck Rouse


“Its love when you can get payed off what you would do for free”- Curran J

“As it gets bigger everybody wants to hop on the bandwagon”- Danielle p Jeter


“You can move ahead as fast as you want to but your probably going to move ahead faster if you are a social entrepreneur not just a capitalist”-Paul”Frosty” Jackson

“My biggest obstacle was staying ture to myself”-Curran J


“When we have brothers coming out of these prisons it would behoove us to incorporate them into new manufacturing entities”-Sgt. Robert Allen Mansfeild


“Your numbers are ultra important”-Gregory James

“We buy everything whole sale but were not the whole seller it self, unless its in the drug business”-Rell Stylez


“We really just don’t know what to do with our money once we get it”- Dereck Rouse

“Money in general is capital, the idea is buy low sell high”-Paul “Frosty” Jackson


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