The Huey P Newton Seminar 2012


Occupy Philadelphia finds itself at a crossroad, Where do we go from here? Please join the Huey P. Newton Seminar as we host a diverse group of occupiers and leading voices from the Philadelphia activist community for a forward-looking roundtable discussion. Moderated by renowned Philadelphia Attorney and Radio Host
Michael Coard we will discuss the crucial issues of race, class, and gender and how it impacts the functioning of the Occupy Movement.
Come join in on the conversation @
  The Huey P. Newton Seminar
           3-5pm The Peace Spot
                1652 Ridge Ave
                Philadelphia PA


1. Mukaji Ambila– Philadelphia Coalition of the Heart
2. Malik Rhashaan– Occupy the Hood
3.Vulton– Occupy El Barrio, Philly
4. Rell Stylez– Polymathematic Assembly of North America
5. Charles B Clarke– People of Color Working Group, Occupy Philly
6. Micah Sims-Occupy the Dream
7. Bri Barton– Occupy Vacant Lots
8. Keturah Caesar– Hip-Hop
Party for the People
9. Robert Mansfield-Tea Party Activist
10. Wiley & Scott-Gilbert Shoes Collective
11. Dr. Muhammad Ahmad– Philadelphia
Community Institute of Africana Studies
12. Shakur ‘Kurloco’ Jones-Brown– BRL Nation, Club No Limits 
13. Whitney L.-Interfaith, Labor Working Groups, Occupy Philly

Invited Guests:

Pam Africa, International Concerned Friends and Family of Mumia Abu Jamal

Pat Albright, Global Women’s Strike

Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, Host, Our World With Black Enterprise

The annual Huey P. Newton Seminar will be taking place on Saturday February 25th in Philadelphia PA. This years theme is “The New Mainstream”, a salute to the upsurge of the people’s movement for social justice in the U.S. with a special focus on the contribution of the Occupy Movement. This year’s Seminar will feature the U.S. Premiere of an independent documentary “Gangs in Blue: Gangsters with Gavels”, a roundtable discussion entitled “The Revolution Will Not Be Occupied: A Critical Discussion of Privilege and Occupy Movement” featuring a diverse perspective of community and occupy organizers, as well as a mixer featuring the area’s hottest DJs and Hip-Hop performers.

The Huey P. Newton Seminar, named after the legendary founder and leader of the Black Panther Party was established in 2001 in Philadelphia by Tommy Joshua of the Polymathematic Assembly of North America (PANA), as a inter-generational forum to encourage the intellectual and political development of the next generation of community-based activists and fighters for social justice. For more information, please contact

The Huey P. Newton Seminar
Saturday, February 25, 2012 3-9pm
The Peace Spot 1652 Ridge Ave
Philadelphia, PA


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