The Political Hot Spot(TPHS) What is the Hip Hop Party?


The Hip Hop Party for the People (HHPP) is a newly found political party for the people by the people to have voice in city, state, and national politics. We were founded in Philadelphia in 2011 to challenge the Domination of the two party systems through our 6 point platform: Fielding Candidates in  Local, State and National Elections, Community Control and Independent Institution Building, Coalition Building, Mass Mobilization and Education of the People, Youth Leadership, and Representing Hip Hop Culture to the Fullest.

The HHPP advocates new leadership, new concepts and new approach for all of Philadelphia. One of our 6 focus points are, Mass Mobilization and Education. We intend on doing that through the HHPP Political Hot Spot Gatherings. The TPHS are political education forums are for the community to have open dialogue on social issues in education, art, politics and culture. These political education gatherings will consist of guest speakers, presentations and performances. The first TPHS is February 23rd, 2012 from 6:30-8:30pm titled “What is the Hip Hop Party for the People”?

Members of the party will be discussing our platform in building a whole new city, registering voters, membership, and work of the city. We the HHPP declare that Hip Hop is the universal synthesis of human culture, which gives continuity to the most advanced forms of social expressions. Please come join us.


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