WATER IS HUMANITY: Drematic & Y?Arcka – Oasis




Though largely unpublicized and ignored, the conservation, treatment and distribution of water will be the defining global issue of our life times. Access to clean drinking water is a human right for ALL people and is not a privilege for the elite. Currently, over a billion people on the planet lack access to clean and potable water and millions die each year as a result.
As concerned individuals, we feel it is our responsibility to use our abilities to not only raise awareness for this issue but to also be a part of the solution in the fight for clean water. To solidify our commitment to making a change, ALL proceeds from the sale of the album will go directly to funding clean water initiatives in developing nations. We believe that the gift of music can help create a better world. Let’s work together. Let’s think water!

A collaborative effort between recording artist Drematic and producer Y?Arcka, the first priority of Water is to present listeners with an essential piece of music. Just as the substance that inspired the project; the purpose, functionality and presentation of Water is rife with all of the complexities that are synonymous with being a citizen of the world. In short, water is humanity. Our hope is that the sounds, words, thoughts and interpretations expressed on this effort will leave you refreshed. Enjoy.


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