Occupy Philadelphia: Where Do We From Here? An Open Dialogue with the Community.

Occupy Philadelphia: Where Do We From Here? An Open Dialogue with the Community. Sponsored by Occupy Philadelphia’s People of Color Working Group and Philadelphia Coalition of the Heart.

Its clear we are in a time of great change and transformations. From the struggles for Peoples power in the nations of Egypt, Tunisia, and Yemen to the uprisings against police brutality in NY(Sean Bell), Oakland(Oscar Grant), and Philadelphia (Askia Sabur). And finally the Occupy Movement that has (at last) challenged the privileged position of the white community here in America. As original people we know we have always had to raise the question of capitalism and exploitation as we struggled to live a peaceful and autonomous existence.

As community leaders and members you have shown with your determination, dedication, and devotion that YOU have played a key role in the tides of change in Philadelphia. The People of Color (POC) working group of Occupy Philadelphia understands this and has requested an opportunity to dialogue with community leaders, organizations, and members of the city of Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Coalition of the Heart (PCOH) has answered this call and offered a space and facilitation of this dialogue. We feel this call is unprecedented and is another step toward the unity of the wider national and international movement of change. The goal of this meeting is to open up a line of communication between the Occupy movement and grassroots organizations and leaders. The POC wish to hear from, understand, and mainly LEARN from leaders such as yourself, in order to fulfill their ROLE within the Occupy movement as people of color.

The meeting will be held this Wednesday November 30th @ 7pm @ The Peace Spot (Gilberts Shoes) 1652 Ridge Ave in Philadelphia. It will be facilitated by members of PCOH.

Come through, build, and give leadership! Peace and Love Philadelphia Coalition of the Heart
Block by Block, Heart by Heart”


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