Vote At Large City Council Candidate’ Pili’ X (It’s bigger than the Democrats and Republicans)




The Philadelphia 2010-2011 City Council elections have influenced many changes in city politics; Independent candidates have challenged the Democratic and Republican parties in Mayoral and City Council seats. The two party monopolies (Democrats and Republicans) have been in office running our city into major budget cuts, in which have resulted in job depletions, benefit reductions and program loss. The Hip Hop Party for the People believes in having our own independent constituents that speaks to the people’s legislative rights. We are a newly found political party for the people by the people to have a voice in city politics. We stand for Fielding Candidates in local and state elections, Mass Mobilization and Education,CoalitionBuilding,Independent, InstitutionBuilding, Youth Leadership, and Representing Hip Hop Culture to the fullest.

At Large Hip Hop Party for the People Pili X (Kash Kummba) is running for city council as a Write in competitor to challenge the Democratic and Republican incumbents. His platform introduces new concepts, new leadership, and new approach in Economic Development, Neighborhood Transformation, Education & Youth, Public Safety, and Values for the city of Philadelphia. Mr. X is a West Philly native, mentor, educator, and leader. He has been collecting signatures and campaigning all throughout the city touching on the major issues around the budget cuts in  education, violence, culture and politics ‘I believe that many of our elected officials are not working in the best interest of the people of Philadelphia. I also believe that the people ofPhiladelphia deserve to have a voice in city Politics, which has been ignored for too long by politicians who come around only when they are campaigning for votes and signatures. I’m entering myself as a candidate for Philadelphia City Council at Large to be the voice of change and hope’.

It’s bigger than the Democratic and Republican parties; it’s about having independent jurisdiction that speaks to the People’s Power. On November 8th, 2011 we encourage the citizens of Philadelphia to vote for new leadership by electing Pili X for City Council At Large to represent the voice of the masses and execute New Policies for a healthier, smarter and safer Philadelphia.


Sincerely Team Hip Hop Party for the People


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